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  • I enjoyed this episode of Inspector Gadget thoroughly

    • by CirclingCanvas


      “The Infiltration” is an episode from the “Inspector Gadget” television series. A proficient master of disguise is recruited by M.A.D. to take the place of Inspector Gadget, who is supposed to attend an Interpol Conference in London, England, along with Chief Quimby. Since this episode is set in London, the animators incorporate a few well-known London landmarks into the story, albeit briefly. Big Ben, for example, can be clearly seen for a few brief moments when Inspector Gadget hears the clock bell go off, causing him to look up at the face of the clock and realize that he’s due at the Interpol Conference soon. In addition to seeing some London landmarks in this episode, there are other scenes that add to the English flavor of this episode. There are shots of red double-decker buses, policemen and civilians dressed in clothing common in that country as well as some, admittedly stereotypical moments of characters engaged in “British activities” like standing

      around sipping tea. The setting doesn’t have quite as much impact on the story of the episode as say “The Curse of the Pharaoh” or “The Amazon”, but the London, England setting does add a little flavor to the episode as opposed to the episode taking place in some generic local.

      The action rolls on in rather abruptly soon after the episode begins, with two M.A,D. agents racing along a river in a speedboat with the goal of tossing a rope around Inspector Gadget and dragging him along. Although he’s tugged along for a few minutes and is eventually sent to the bottom of the river, Inspector Gadget manages to use a number of his gadgets reasonably competently and escape a watery fate. The action very early in the episode gets things started in an exciting way, but then the episode adopts a comedic tone when the episode shifts to Dr. Claw’s castle, and the viewer is introduced to the individual ...

      • that is a master of disguise through less than obvious means. At first, it appears Dr. Claw is sitting at his desk in front of his computer, laughing and plotting, but then, a second Dr. Claw enters, causing M.A.D. Cat to freak out and then pretend that he wasn’t fooled for a second, much to the burning annoyance of Dr. Claw and great amusement to the viewer. The animation during these scenes really stood out thanks to the lightening effects. The way the lightening casts shadows and lights up the outside and interiors of the castle really was quite impressive.

        “The Infiltration” is more of a comedy show than an action show, with Inspector Gadget running around accusing innocent people of being the disguise artist he is looking for. In one scene, he sees a man walk into a building, and a second later, out walks a woman, and Inspector Gadget concludes that the master of disguise is on to him,

        and thus disguises himself as a girl to throw him off. Inspector Gadget confronts the woman and tries to remove her, or from Inspector Gadget’s point of view, his, face. Another scene has Inspector Gadget thinking a pop machine is in fact the man he is looking for, and he has a fight with it. One of the episode’s funniest moments though is when Inspector Gadget walks in on the Interpol Conference and sees “himself” sitting next to Chief Quimby. What plays out is a classic “I’m the real guy,” “no, I am” type scene where the real Inspector Gadget is discovered, not surprisingly, when Chief Quimby is accidentally hurt by one of the two. The climax of the episode works so well because it just makes so much sense. Only the real Inspector Gadget would, through his bumbling nature, make such an absent-minded mistake that results in Chief Quimby getting whacked. I enjoyed this episode of “Inspector Gadget” thoroughly!

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