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  • I know Mebendazole has been popular in treating parasite infestations
  • I expected I will take tablets or capsules as that's what most adults take and I think suspensions are for children

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      Two months ago, I experienced itchiness of the anus. At first, it was just like three times a day. Then as days went by, it became more frequent. Until it came to the time that it itches all day. It was so irritating, frustrating, and annoying. I immediately thought that there might be something wrong with my body. Maybe I have worms, or maybe I just have rashes in the anus or it might just be allergies. I told my mom and the doctor about the itchiness of my anus. The doctor said I might have hookworms. I didn’t take any parasite tests and she didn’t check my anus. She prescribed the medicine right away. She prescribed me this Antiox Mebendazole.

      Antiox is a treatment for worm infestations. These worms are pinworms, roundworms, tapeworms, and whipworms. Antiox is the medicine name and its generic name is Mebendazole. I know Mebendazole has

      been popular in treating parasite infestations. The doctor prescribed the Antiox in suspension. Because of that, I felt like a little kid. I expected I will take tablets or capsules as that’s what most adults take and I think suspensions are for children. I’ve know Antiox as a kid, but I have never taken them before as this is my first time to have worms. The Antiox that the doctor prescribed to me is a 10 ml suspension and it’s chocolate-flavored! It’s also available in 500 mg tablets.

      About its taste, it’s so yummy. I never expected this deworming suspension would taste this sweet. I actually want to drink more of it but it’s only 10 ml. I took it a few hours after I ate dinner. It tastes like chocolate syrup. The suspension is colored light brown. It’s really sweet for a deworming suspension. I watched TV after I took ...

      • it and a few minutes after, I felt sleepy. At first it’s bearable. I can manage to watch clearly. But as minutes pass by, the sleepiness became extreme. I haven’t read from the suspension’s bottle or box that it can cause drowsiness. I felt extreme drowsiness that night. I didn’t want to sleep yet because I still have so many things to do like homework but it felt so hard to open my eyes. That’s the first time I felt sleepy because of medications. I never took sleeping pills or any medicine that can cause drowsiness before, but this first time felt good. I turned off the TV and headed to my bed. I remembered I haven’t brushed my teeth yet. Soon, I also felt dizzy like I drank a bottle of alcohol. After I went to bed, I slept already.

        My doctor said that I may have a bowel movement

        in the early morning so I expected that but I did not. No bowel movements until the next day. I felt unsatisfied. Anyway, I didn’t feel itchiness anymore after I took the suspension but it came back again after two days. I don’t know why that happened. Me and my mother scheduled another consultation with the doctor and the doctor prescribed me another medicine which I was not taking yet. After taking this Antiox, the itchiness somehow decreased. Before, it itches like all day but now it itches only twice a day, but I’m still not satisfied.

        On the bottle, it says that 10 ml is enough for deworming children and adults, and deworming should be done once every six months. I don’t know why this suspension did not take effect on me. It at least decreased the itchiness. I followed the directions carefully. Because of ineffectiveness, I will try the other medicines.

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