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  • The comedy and action definitely off-set some of the strange plot developments in the episode that makes one wonder what the writers were thinking

    • by CirclingCanvas


      “Basic Training” is an episode from the “Inspector Gadget” television series. Inspector Gadget is presented with the task of safeguarding advanced computer parts that are contained within the cargo hold of a passenger train until they reach their destination. Dr. Claw however intends on hijacking the train and pilfering the computer parts, thus he has an operative on the train, and the operative attempts to get rid of Inspector Gadget as well. Inspector Gadget has moments where he acts clueless, but he also acts competently too at times. He successfully accuses and attempts to arrest innocent people while seeking the assistance of a disguised M.A.D. agent. This is where the episode derives most of its humor. It’s also incredibly funny how Inspector Gadget ends up in the same room as Dr. Claw in this episode, yet is oblivious to this. A reoccurring gag is utilized in this episode where Inspector Gadget wonders out loud where he’s heard that voice before after Dr. Claw speaks

      /> to him. I also found it funny how he didn’t know that the caboose was located at the end of the train, something even he feels silly about after the conductor has to point out where it is. The episode isn’t all comedy though as there’s a sufficient amount of action, too.

      There’s one particular action sequence that’s animated well, but makes very little sense. Dr. Claw launches two missiles at a pile of rocks, which leads to a landslide and thus blocks the tracks. If Inspector Gadget wouldn’t have intervened and blasted the rocks away, the train would’ve crashed and very likely, the computer parts Dr. Claw was after would’ve been damaged or destroyed. Thus while the scenes are animated well and adds some suspense to the episode, having Dr. Claw do what he did didn’t make sense in the context of the story. Something else that doesn’t add up in this episode is when Inspector Gadget falls out of the train and off ...

      • a bridge but luckily lands in a truck carrying a ton of cabbage. That truck just happens to be operated by M.A.D. and also just happens to drive to the location where the train was hijacked to. It makes no sense why a truckload of cabbage would need to be delivered to Dr. Claw’s secret hideout other than it being used as a plot device to get Inspector Gadget there. The aforementioned issues that I have with this episode are minor, but they do impact my enjoyment of the episode a little because they don’t feel organic to the story, or in other words, feel out of place.

        I do enjoy “Basic Training” though because the train setting is very different from all the other settings in the series, thus allows for some fresh, unique scenes that other episodes couldn’t have. One such scene takes place on top of the train, where Inspector Gadget has activated his magnetic shoes in order to prevent himself from

        falling off the train. He then must use his gadget arms and legs to launch himself forward and along side the train in order to safely make it through tunnels. The scenes where the train speeds through the dark tunnels with Inspector Gadget hanging on to the upper left side of the train are very well animated. There’s a definite sense of danger and speed thanks to the animation and music. Another seen has him creatively using his gadgets while utilizing the train tracks to catch up to the train after the M.A.D. agent disconnects the caboose with Inspector Gadget in it. As I said, the episode takes the train concept and runs with it well and forces Inspector Gadget to use his gadgets in ways not seen in other episodes. The comedy and action definitely off-set some of the strange plot developments in the episode that makes one wonder what the writers were thinking. Thus, the episode is a bit weak, but it’s still pretty entertaining.

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