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  • I prefer to wear repellents discretely without any fragrance, so I opted for the Off
  • I see that’s not worth the value I paid for it

    • by jhunie


      Here in the tropics, the raining seems like a wonderful prelude to summer. Bring out cozy jackets, warm soups, and long, restful nights. As well as mosquitoes – and bug sprays to match. I don’t know where the bugs are coming from at this time of the year. It doesn’t matter what, or where; mosquitoes are always there bugging us. We’ve had a bunch of insect repellents in the house, from electric contraptions to chemical products, to stand guard against mosquitoes. But I still cannot come across using topical repellents, particularly lotions. This is where bug sprays come handy. I’ve used organic sprays, and they don’t work as good as chemical repellents containing deet. I don’t like to get too friendly with citronella-scented bug sprays either; even though, citrus may work great as theme fragrance for the summertime. I prefer to wear repellents

      discretely without any fragrance, so I opted for the Off! Family Care Unscented spray.

      Indoors, I say the repellent fairly keeps me free from insect bites. After spraying it, I forgot about it as the hours wore on, because there was no smell stuck on my clothes. I have sprayed it upon bed sheets to create a scent trail that shall ward the mosquitoes away. Although this bug spray is supposed to be topically safe, the only occasion it touched my skin was the time I sprayed it over my feet and the little skin exposed from my rolled pants. I was preparing something in the kitchen and mosquitoes were around. No bites ensued.

      Outdoors, I tested it out while strolling and walking the dog outside. I sustained a few mosquito bites on my arms and legs. I thought that was unacceptable. Technically, I am to ...

      • blame for it, because I only sprayed the repellent on my clothes, excluding my exposed skin. So that may explain the lack of potency on the product’s end. I was rather puzzled by what happened, since I’ve used a bug spray before (scented), which worked even if I had applied it over my clothes. Then I later took serious notice of the things printed at the back of the bottle, and I gathered that its deet concentration was very little (7 percent). I was surprised by this information, as I’ve come to know Off to generally contain higher deet in their repellents. My conviction tells me this product is nothing more than an inferior scent-less bug spray. It just doesn’t cut it.

        It being unscented doesn’t really require much explaining. The spray blows a liberal mist, and the formula itself simply fares like water on skin, as

        well as on clothes. It’s nothing sticky and bothersome, in comparison to organic sprays, which leave oily residues. I can detect the faint smell of alcohol though (perhaps mosquitoes might not like that). Other than that, the bug spray is virtually odorless. It needs to be shaken first before spraying.

        Later on, I’m getting the impression that the protection it promises to provide seems random and indefinite. It works and sometimes not. However I try to resist spraying it on my skin, I had to, or else it wouldn’t work. So they slacked off the scent and, along with it, the power to protect against mosquitoes and bugs. I see that’s not worth the value I paid for it. It costs 6 dollars. My opinion makes me wary of recommending it. And the reason is the repellent turned me down, or should I say, off.

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