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  • There was also a scene in which I thought was kind of unnecessary

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      Red Riding Hood is a 2011 horror film adaption of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale.In this film,the central red riding hood character is named Valerie.She is a young woman living in a small ancient village.One of the main plot elements has to do with her falling in love with a younhg woodcutter named Peter.However,her family plans to marry her to a man named Henry who is a blacksmith.They think Peter’s salary as a woodcutter wouldn’t be enought for a good living.The film mostly concentrates on the town’s prooblem with a wearwolf.They have been giving him animal sacrifices for years so he wouldn’t attack the village.However,they decide to kill the wearwolf.A number of men gather in the village and go seek out the wolf.A They manage to capture and shoot a wolf .However,the wolf they kill isn’t really the werewolf that they seek.They

      learn this from a werewolf hunter who comes to town Father Solomon.Father tells the townspeople that the wolf has a human form.It would change back into human when killed.At first the towspeople fail to listen to him.They think they have already killed the wolf so they hold a celebration.However,during the celebration,the real wolf comes to town and starts slaughtering villagers during the celebration.

      The movie was a bit enjoyable but was average overall.It had a nice concept.It was a nice touch to add the werewolf element to the original red riding hood tale.However,the film includes a romantic subplot which I didn’t like too much.Valerie was in love with a local outcast but was forced into marrying a guy named Henry.She wanted to be with her true love,Peter.This wasn’t really a bad concept but didn’t fit to well in a horror/slasher film such as this..Perhaps the film ...

      • could have toned down on the romantic elements.Also,the wolf didn’t look too realiistic.It was too easily recognized as cgi which really isn’t too good.I also didn’t like the celebration scene too much.It was just sort of drawn out too long.It seemed like it was kind of just filler material..

        There was also a scene in which I thought was kind of unnecessary.It was when Valerie had a nightmare about her grandmother.She was asking her grandmother questions such as “my grandma,what big teeth you have.”,just like in the original story.However,in her dream,her grandmother turns out to be the wolf and tells Valerie that she will eat her.This scene really had no point to exist.It seemed like it was included to provide more thriller material.However,the scene just seemed out of place instead of chilling or dark.There were some scenes I did like.The scene in which father Solomon captures

        Roxnane’s autistic brother. It is a nice emotional element in the film.Roxnane’s brother is portrayed as a sweet character who just happens to be autistic.However,after showing a card trick to Father Solomon,Father assumes he knows black magic and is an accomplice to the wolf.He tortures Roxanne’s brother until he reveals information to him despite the fact that the guy was autisic.This shows that Father Solomon was a rather harsh character.His desire to capture the wolf sort of blinded him from ugly behaviors he inhibited such as accusing someone of witchcraft when they pull a simple card trick.I did sort of like the plot twist in which Valerie’s father was the wolf.It was a nice surprise.I was expecting Peter to be the wolf since he already was in love with Valerie.The wolf often asked Valerie to run away with him.Peter tried to ask Valerie to do this with him.

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