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  • Also, Dr. Claw had the ideal opportunity to eliminate Inspector Gadget, who was asleep, for good near the end of the episode, yet he doesn't, which was really peculiar in my opinion

    • by CirclingCanvas


      Dr. Claw sets up a base of operations on a manufactured island in an effort to develop a potent sleeping gas with the intention of putting entire cities to sleep, leaving them entirely vulnerable. Inspector Gadget travels to a neighboring island to investigate and put a stop to Dr. Claw’s plan before he’s able to set it in motion. Before Inspector Gadget or Dr. Claw arrive on the island, there’s a scene that plays out on the highway leaving Metro City with Dr. Claw attempting to eliminate his nemesis before he reaches the airport, and it’s a scene that’s both funny and fun

      to watch. As the Clawmobile pursues the oblivious Inspector Gadget, an old man driving a small, odd-looking vehicle gets in Dr. Claw’s way, so Dr. Claw rams the old guy’s back end, causing him to lose his hat and rocket forward, well past the Gadget van. Gadget thinks it’s a race, and speeds up significantly, making it even harder for Dr. Claw to get close enough to fire a pair of missiles. The animators did a good job with this scene. I particularly liked the shot of the forward view of Clawmobile with the tall buildings in the background sinking into the ground and the sense of speed that was present as the three vehicles sped across the highway.

      When Inspector Gadget arrives on one of the islands, he finds everyone asleep, and is unaware the hotel is under the control of M.A.D.. To explain why everyone is asleep, a M.A.D. agent disguised as the hotel manager explains it’s due to the mosquitoes on the island. This proves to be the wrong thing to tell Inspector Gadget because throughout the episode, he thinks he hears or sees the tiny mosquitoes when in fact it’s the sound of the sleeping gas the disguised M.A.D. agents are attempting ...

      • Inspector Gadget (TV Show) - Sleeping Gas (Episode)
      to spray him with. In the process of trying to swat the mosquitoes, he almost always ends up blowing away the gas in the direction of the M.A.D. agents. It’s funny to watch how Inspector Gadget’s own clueless nature works to his advantage and thwarts the plans of those wishing to do him harm without even realizing what’s actually going on. I do find a few aspects of the episode strange, like why Dr. Claw’s organization created an artificial island near another island, which would draw a heck of a lot of attention, one would think, and detract from his goal of developing
      a sleeping gas in secret as well. Also, Dr. Claw had the ideal opportunity to eliminate Inspector Gadget, who was asleep, for good near the end of the episode, yet he doesn’t, which was really peculiar in my opinion.

      The “Inspector Gadget” episode “Sleeping Gas” features some nice tropical backgrounds and pleasant instrumentals that all help to enhance the tropical atmosphere. The ease in which Dr. Claw’s secret laboratory is destroyed coupled with his failure to dispose of Inspector Gadget despite the opportunity being perfect kind of bring down the episode a bit for me, but I still find the story to be entertaining and funny.

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