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  • It's a shame that recordings of real tiger growls weren't used because the tigers would've sounded a lot better

    • by CirclingCanvas


      “The Ruby” is an episode from the “Inspector Gadget” television series. Chief Quimbly orders Inspector Gadget to a city in India to retrieve a red ruby known as “Big Red” which has been stolen by Dr. Claw and is going to be used to power a laser capable of shooting down satellites. There’s a great deal of foreign flavor present in this story and the episode greatly benefits as a result. Those responsible for the instrumental pieces in this episode inject some oriental tones, some original and some remixes of instrumental pieces used throughout the series. The background music helps to reinforce that Inspector Gadget is in a foreign land and sounds quite nice. The animators too do a good job of recreating Indian villages and countryside, with the architecture, statues and inhabitants all appearing reasonably authentic, at least, authentic

      enough to be believable. Inspector Gadget encounters a number of things associated with that part of the world, from flying carpets to Bengal tigers to snakes in ceramic pottery and the writers work in these things smoothly and so they are organic components of the story. Since the ruby is already stolen by the time Inspector Gadget arrives in India, much of the story’s focus revolves around M.A.D.’s effort to eliminate him as Brain attempts to lead him to Dr. Claw’s fortress.

      Inspector Gadget gets himself in and out of trouble throughout this episode, from being oblivious to Indian culture and thus offending villagers to getting himself in trouble with the law because he thinks he’s come across Chief Quimbly disguised as a statue and starts banging on it to get his attention. As usual, Inspector Gadget thinks he knows what’s ...

      • going on but when in reality, he’s got it all upside down, like when Dr. Claw unleashes four Bengal tigers on him and he thinks they’re nothing but big “pussycats”. While the tigers look menacing, they don’t sound all that threatening. Clearly, the tigers growls and roars are done by a person instead of actual tigers. It’s a shame that recordings of real tiger growls weren’t used because the tigers would’ve sounded a lot better. This episode can be surprisingly violent at times, with Inspector Gadget clobbering a tiger over the head with his big Gadget Mallet, throwing a tiger out a window by extending his Gadget Arms and yanking a rug out from underneath a tiger with great force causing the tiger to go flying, and earlier in the episode, a M.A.D. agent setting down a trap involving sharp
        nails for Inspector Gadget gets caught in his own trap. There’s really a decent amount of action throughout the story.

        “The Ruby” is one of the more memorable episodes of the series, and not just because of where the story mainly takes place. The scene where Inspector Gadget stumbles upon the laser built by M.A.D. and mistakes it for a telescope is one of the series’ most laugh out loud moments, I think. It’s a mistake really only Inspector Gadget could make. The episode does seem a bit ridiculous at times, even for an episode from this series, such as how easy it is for Penny to switch the real ruby with the fake ruby and the lack of M.A.D. agents around to guard the complex housing the laser, but these are little things that don’t detract too much from the episode.

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