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  • The tablet tasted horrible, in my opinion
  • There were two other incidents where I got dry cough, took Ascof Lagundi again, and I believe it cured my dry coughs, along with proper diet and rest
  • My coughs were eased by the 5th day, and I found myself expelling the icky phlegm by the 6th day

    • by aprilpria

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      The leaves of Lagundi or Vitex negundo L. is a traditional Philippine herbal medicine for curing coughs. Traditionally, Lagundi leaves were boiled and the resulting broth is drunk to relieve and cure coughs. In the form of tablets, it provides less hassle in preparation. Tablets also mean that the medicine is easily accessible.

      There was a time when I got sick with a rib-breaking, painful dry cough. I had difficulty sleeping due to my cough and it was making me feel uncomfortable. I ignored it for around two days, until my mother found my barking coughs annoying, and decided that it must be put to a stop immediately.

      Mother decided to buy me some medicine, and bought Ascof Lagundi tablets. They were cheap herbal medicine, at only around 2 pesos and fifty centavos at local pharmacies.

      The tablets were 600grams, quite big for someone with a small mouth like I do. They were enclosed in foil, and you have to tear the foil to get the tablet out. The expiry date is posted on the foil. The tablet is moss green colored, and it smells like moss too, which I quite didn’t like. I broke a tablet into half, and I saw remnants of what seemed like leaves. I did not have much difficulty in ...

      • swallowing a tablet whole, with the aid of water it became slippery and went down my throat easily despite its 600 gram size. The tablet tasted horrible, in my opinion. It was not bitter, but it really gave me the impression that I tasted raw leaves, which I did not quite like.

        Dry cough: For my dry cough, I took the tablet three times a day, every after meal. After one day of taking the tablets, I felt better and my barking-like coughs became less severe. After four days, the cough was completely gone. I stopped taking the tablet then, and I felt better. There were two other incidents

        where I got dry cough, took Ascof Lagundi again, and I believe it cured my dry coughs, along with proper diet and rest.

        Cough with colds: However there was a time I got cold and coughs, and this time there was phlegm. I took Ascof Lagundi again, and in my opinion, it was still effective, but it took longer than just easing a dry cough. I l took the tablets for 7 days, three times a day. My coughs were eased by the 5th day, and I found myself expelling the icky phlegm by the 6th day. But in my opinion, it was more of my immune system working rather than the Ascof Lagundi tablets.

    Natalie says :

    I bought a hundred pieces of capsules while I was in Manila a few years ago. Now, they are expired since Sept. 2015. Can I still take them? My asthma is very active now in the spring time. Thanks.
    Galega says :

    You should not use expired product. It will not work, and worse there will be possibility of adverse reaction. Your asthma is active and hence you need to consult a doctor or buy another set of Lagundi Ascof Forte to continue treatment.

    hello there ask some questions about my dry cough and my asthma its been a month now since i took medicines given by my doctor but my dry cough and asthma did not subside and its getting worse..sometimes im short of breath when im going to it ok to take ascof forte tablet..
    CJ says :

    hi if you have been suffering for a month because of asthma and dry cough, best to consult a doctor before taking any OTC meds, unless you have tried this product before when you were going through the same condition, then you may do so, but again, please consult an expert first before buying or taking anything, although it’s a natural remedy, we all have different types of body chemistry, which may either ease or worsen your condition. Better to be safe than sorry.
    Ruth says :

    Hi. I just want to know, is it safe for pregnant women to take Ascof Lagundi Tablets? As for me, I am not yet sure if I am pregnant because at this point it`s too early to be detected, if ever I am. And I`m currently having cough cold with sticky phlegm. Thank you so much for your time.
    Galega says :

    Hi Ruth,

    If you go through the FAQ section of the manufacturer you will find that there is no conclusive studies about the effect of this medicine on women.

    Hence, it is advised to please consult your doctor before taking this medicine. If benefits outweighs any potential risks, take it. Otherwise, look for other medicine.
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