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  • Although referred to as a soft drink, the color of the beverage definitely resembles beer and the way Inspector Gadget behaves after accepting the beverage unknowingly from a M

    • by CirclingCanvas


      “Race to the Finish” is an episode from the first season of the “Inspector Gadget” television series. It’s one of the few episodes of the series to heavily focus on the Gadgetmobile as well as feature Inspector Gadget and Dr. Claw so closely encountering each other for an extended period of time, although Inspector Gadget naturally doesn’t realize how close he is to the man that is the leader of the M.A.D. crime organization. Although continuity can’t be expected from a television series like this one, just four episodes earlier, Inspector Gadget actually recognized and pursued Dr. Claw in the same type of car that he enters into the race in this episode, yet Inspector Gadget doesn’t at all recognize the car as belonging to the criminal. Continuity errors such as that one are pretty irrelevant though considering the type

      of television show this is.

      In this episode, Chief Quimby instructs Inspector Gadget to enter a race and win it so that Dr. Claw, who has also entered the race, doesn’t and can’t claim the one-million dollar prize that would be used to further fund his crime activities. The second half of the episode is devoted to the race while the first half has Inspector Gadget preparing his car in addition to pursuing Brain, thinking that he’s a M.A.D. agent while the real M.A.D. agent sabotages the other cars that are going to be in the race. There’s one particularly funny scene where the real M.A.D. agent plants a bomb resembling an engine component inside the hood of a race car, and then after he leaves, Brain removes it, and then comes the well-intentioned but clueless inspector, who thinks Brain was ...

      • sabotaging the car, so he himself places the concealed bomb back under the hood of the car, thus unknowingly ensuring the sabotage attempt by the M.A.D. agent was successful.

        The Gadgetmobile’s abilities are showcased for the first time really in the series, although later episodes would show many of its other capabilities. Dr. Claw’s Clawmobile also is featured prominently, with a number of its features being demonstrated, ranging from its missile launchers to its smokescreen ability. The animation was impressively fluid as the two vehicles raced along the track and the music that played in the background sometimes had this grand undertone to it, appropriately so since a race is a big event. What really surprised me about this episode is it features alcohol. Although referred to as a soft drink, the color of the beverage definitely resembles beer and the

        way Inspector Gadget behaves after accepting the beverage unknowingly from a M.A.D. agent suggests that he’s drunk. Dr. Claw even makes a joke, sating that Gadget shouldn’t “drink, then drive” as the Gadgetmobile starts zigzagging on the race track. Considering this is an animated program from the early 1980s, I’m surprised that got past the television censors.

        “Race to the Finish” is a fun episode. The race is exciting to watch as Dr. Claw repeatedly attempts to cause Inspector Gadget to have an accident and Inspector Gadget misinterprets Dr. Claw’s actions as being non-nefarious while effectively using his gadgets to “help” his opponent in the name of good sportsmanship. Inspector Gadget is his usual bumbling self, perhaps even a bit more thick and slow than usual, but that helps to fuel the comedy of the story, while the race portion fuels the action.

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