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  • I think this is a well-crafted episode that makes very good use of a foreign setting while working in lots of comedy and some action, too

    • by CirclingCanvas


      “The Curse of the Pharaoh” is an episode from the first season of the “Inspector Gadget” television series. This episode is a real pleasure to watch because the animators did a very good job drawing the corridors and rooms inside the pyramid where Inspector Gadget has been assigned to spend the day and night guarding a sarcophagus of an Egyptian Pharaoh that is to go on display the next day but is the target of M.A.D.. The walls inside the pyramid have hieroglyphics decorating them, cracks conveying their age, are shaded with more than one color and thus look great. Also, the rooms have tall and detailed statues as well as other

      artifacts, so visually, this is one of the more impressive episodes of the series. In terms of background music, there are a few instrumentals not heard in any other episode due to their Egyptian-influence, so the episode is also enjoyable to listen to.

      Inspector Gadget is just as bumbling and clueless as ever while in Egypt, and the writers make good use of the setting. For example, mirages are common in the desert, so after M.A.D. agents remove a sign indicating danger ahead, Inspector Gadget ends up driving right off a cliff because he thought it was a mirage. Earlier, a M.A.D. agent attacks with a whip while riding a camel, but Inspector ...

      • Gadget thinks the guy is a pushy salesman demonstrating his merchandise. The writers work in elements associated with the desert and throw those elements at the well-meaning but often-wrong Inspector Gadget, and the results are funny. The writers also play up the misconceptions that people have about pyramids, such as curses lurking in the tombs, hidden passageways behind walls being in abundance and traps being built into the floors and walls. The pyramid Inspector Gadget is assigned to is a regular deathtrap, but the audience expects it to be a dangerous and mysterious place because that’s what popular culture has portrayed pyramids as, so the episode delivers in terms of danger and

        “The Curse of the Pharaoh” is an episode that blends comedy and action together well and makes this a very entertaining episode to watch. One minute, Inspect Gadget is looking for a sandwich machine while in the pyramid, in part thinking the moaning echo that he’s hearing is his stomach, and the next minute, he’s being chased by a boulder. This is one of those episodes where Inspector Gadget’s many gadgets are on display, and work, for the most part, and the action is intensified by fast-paced music. I think this is a well-crafted episode that makes very good use of a foreign setting while working in lots of comedy and some action, too.

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