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      Went I went to the Watsons shop in Hong Kong, I went gaga over the different brands that were not carried here in my country. I went over the different makeup stalls and finally settled to my HG daily service powder, the Maybelline Clear Smooth powder. I noticed though, that here in Watson’s there were Maybelline products that were not carried in my country. One example is the Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Silk Shine Free 2-way Cake Powder. I guess it is still in the line of the Maybelline Clear Smooth’s, but this one had the variety that has BB Silk.

      When I hear BB, I immediately think BB creams, which are Blemish Balm creams very popular throughout Asia. This is the first time that I saw a product (powder) carrying the BB Silk essence that

      makes skin smooth, silky looking and luminous. When I see the word ‘luminous’, shine is the first thing that comes to mind. I did not mind it actually, I have very dry skin and I really need some bit of a shine or glow right now.

      The packaging is different too. It comes in a square powder box (in PINK) that has a separate compartment for the sponge. This is great because unlike the Clear Smooth powders here in the Philippines, this one did not run the risk of cross contamination between the powder and the sponge. I hate it when powder cases do not have separate compartments for the sponges. Imagine the continuous contact between your powder and all the dirt, oil and grime on your sponge. This one makes it great, however, the size

      of the powder case is big and for people like me who normally carries a small handbag, and this is quite a handful.

      I was glad to see my favorite shade, Sand Beige. At least they carry the same shade across countries! This one also has SPF21 with it. The one I have been so accustomed to using had SPF with it, and when I put it on my face I always had that grayish, whitish cast on my face because of the sunblock I guess. This one did not have that SPF-whitish cast, so when I apply it on my face, it just evens out my complexion. I never had that white cast on my face. I just looked like I had smooth, even-toned complexion. This one was more correct and I liked the fact ...

      • Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Silk Shine Free 2-way Cake Powder
      that I did not look like a ghost even after constant reapplication. I love the fact that I could use it without worries about sunblock. I usually wear moisturizer with SPF, BB cream with SPF and powder with SPF to triple my skin protection from the sun.

      Staying power is okay. I normally just have to blot with some tissue or oil blotting paper when I get oily (which happens when I am outside for a long time).When indoors and with AC, this one is great. It does stay long before it starts to shine. I am not sure about the luminous finish. I mean I use BB cream underneath the powder so I normally would have a matte face. I have never tried this alone; I always have a BB cream underneath or moisturizer. Piling

      it up is not a good idea though, as it has the tendency to cake up and look really thick. I suggest blotting first or wiping with a tissue to remove excess oils from the face before applying this powder.

      This is a good product. It took a couple of days for me to adjust to the shade of the powder(which is more correct) because I was so used to having that gray cast on my face because of my other Maybelline Clear Smooth powder. I never had any breakouts with this product and it does not have any fragrance so it’s great. This is highly recommended and effective as a daily face powder. It only cost me around $7 so it is not that expensive either. The only downside is the container, it really is huge for me.

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