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  • It wasn’t itchy and nothing to suggest of an irritated throat, though I definitely experienced sore throat the next day
  • Unsurprisingly, I cannot recommend the medicine to treat dry coughs

    • by jhunie


      Like a typical, self-medicating person, I looked at over-the-counter meds the time I was hit by a stubborn cough. I already saw it coming after a brief period of fever and cold. It happened during those cough-stricken parts of the year, when getting sick was more normal than not. Within that course, I was still alleviating the residual bits of cold I carried on to the time my cough had reached an annoying stage. So I was drawn to Tuseran Forte’s formulation, because it was said to relieve colds as well as cough. In addition to being known as a common cough relief, I get that it’s also a decongestant. Tuseran forte (the one in capsule) seemed to be the all-around remedy for flu, given it had something for fever too. The formula sounded superb, and once in my life, I used this drug to relieve me of cough.

      I remain ambivalent whether this product worked or not. In definite terms, this medicine did nothing to cure my cough. I would not have felt any difference if matched up by a placebo.

      My affair with this drug lasted nearly a week or close to that. I discontinued taking the capsules after that. My cough was going harder than otherwise. I decided it was time to move on from it. I suppose I’ve given the medicine enough time to tackle my ongoing and worsening cough. But for that entire duration, I was seeing a natural progression of a stubborn cough that the capsules had, therefore, failed to control.

      My cough was getting drier actually. I was told to take the capsules 3 times per day. About 2 days since taking the capsules, I was encouraged to continue my medication, because I was able to produce secretions in the morning. I took that as a positive sign that it was working. The good signs stopped there. The remaining time I was then dealing with a very unproductive cough. It was getting more and more difficult to cough it out. Looking back, I realized I should have gone for an expectorant. I had a strong feeling my breathing was probably obstructed by congestion in my ...

      • throat, and what I needed was a medication to expel that apparently. I did not adhere to a specific routine of administering it, as long as I met the required dosage. At uncertain times of the day, I take the capsule with meals or without.

        I’d like to breakdown the components of the drug, starting with its alleged antitussive (cough suppressing) action. Antitussives are supposed to reduce my coughing fits, but the whole time I was under medication, it was absolutely a mayhem of dry coughs. I couldn’t sleep in the evening due to this unexplained sensation occurring in my throat. I would feel this mass accumulating, and it gets worse the longer I lie in bed facing the ceiling. It wasn’t itchy and nothing to suggest of an irritated throat, though I definitely experienced sore throat the next day. It felt bothersome at bedtime. Pertaining to its decongesting ability, my cold was fleeing at the time. I couldn’t tell that it worked, as it seemed done since the onset of my aggravating cough. It may have stopped naturally. For reference, the

        drug is formulated with paracetamol (for fever), phenylephrine (decongestant), and dextromethorphan (cough suppressant).

        Just to appraise, if not for its effectiveness, the drug never gave me any sort of adverse reactions, despite my knowledge that cough medicines hit me like a sedative. I usually get drowsy when I take such medicines. I did not observe feeling tired at work, even with continuous intake of 3 capsules daily. Maybe the adverse effects were counteracted by caffeine or tea, as I drink more than once daily. I also did not suffer from an upset stomach, even though I took the capsules mostly without meals. The capsule is of average size, and looks rather striking in color (yellow and grayish green). It floats buoyantly with water and is much easier to swallow than gagging tablets.

        Unsurprisingly, I cannot recommend the medicine to treat dry coughs. I resolved my condition by going back to a trusted, prescription drug (ectrin). You can probably get the capsules individually, a dollar could only buy you a day’s worth, so it costs a bit much. As it turned out, this formula was not superb.

    Elani Flores says :

    This med might have been the cause why I got the flu while on vacation in Korea. I felt like I was starting a cough/cold so I took 1 capsule before going to bed. It kept me awake all night, which was weird coz I expected that cough/cold med usually makes you drowsy. The next day with not enough sleep and not feeling well which brought my immune system down, I went about my scheduled itinerary on a winter day via the crowded trains. At the end of the day I already have the flu. The lack of sleep greatly contributed to my catching the flu.

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