Kubik Evo 8GB MP3 Player
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  • I thought of buying an iPod, but previously I'd spent quite a fortune on several of those, and none of them lasted very long for some reason, and this put me off
  • I'd also tried to buy some cheap players before, but the problem I had with most of these was that they had very poor displays and most of them had annoying filing systems
  • I wanted something that would be the best of both worlds
  • I decided to buy the 8GB model, as it's the size that I'm most used to and will fit most of my favorite music
  • It cost me £35, which I think is a bit too much for what I get

    • by Sam Amulyoto

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      Some time back, I had to get myself a new MP3 player. I thought of buying an iPod, but previously I’d spent quite a fortune on several of those, and none of them lasted very long for some reason, and this put me off. I’d also tried to buy some cheap players before, but the problem I had with most of these was that they had very poor displays and most of them had annoying filing systems. I wanted something that would be the best of both worlds; cheap but functional.

      While on Amazon some time back, I came across the Kubik Evo MP3 player, and I was immediately hooked. I decided to buy the 8GB model, as it’s the size that I’m most used to and will fit most of my favorite music. This particular music player is medium sized; it fit very well in the palm my hands. It also weighs 35g, meaning that it’s so light that I never feel it in my pocket. I loved this particular aspect about it as I don’t like carrying around electronics that are easy to spot and thus become prey for thieves. Another feature about it that trumps it over most other media players is the fact that it also has a Micro SD

      slot, meaning that one can expand the memory if needed.

      The package came with a user manual, earphones and a USB charger and mains adaptor. The first time I got it, the instruction manual said that I had to charge it for several hours, and I put mine on charge for six hours. After this, it used to charge up very quickly, and a single charge could give me around 20 hours of playback before draining the battery. The one feature that I found annoying about this player was the fact that it could never remember the song I was playing when I switched it off. Whenever it’s switched on, it goes back to the main menu, and one has to find their way back through the folders to find the particular song they were listening to before in order to continue listening to it. However, this flaw is partially made up for by the fact that it has bookmarks for podcasts, meaning that you can easily find where you left off, and not have to start listening to podcasts all over again.

      Adding music onto this player was a breeze as it doesn’t require any software to do it; it works on it’s own. Depending on how one sets it up, you may either

      have to look for it under my computer just as you would a normal memory stick, or it may open automatically when you plug it into the USB port. Once open, however, adding music is just a matter of dragging and dropping files to the device. I prefer to put my music in relevant folders, as I find that this way it’s easier to find music by artist, and generally I just find it much neater. It is also possible to make play-lists on this device the same way: dragging and dropping the files you want onto the play list. I found it very easy to manage the files on this, and I think that anyone who is used to using Windows (or just using a computer for that matter) would have no problem with it. There’s nothing technical with it, it was all just a breeze. This player has folders for music, videos, photos and e Books, and it makes it very easy to customize these in any way you like. For example, you can have nested folders (folders within folders). The only problem I had while transferring music to this device was finding the music on my computer, since I had been using iTunes and I had let it arrange my music ...

      • Kubik Evo 8GB MP3 Player
      for me so it was all very obscurely filed.

      Despite it being a small device, I found this device to have buttons that were usable. I could press the buttons with my fingers instead of having to tap them using my nails, and it was very comfortable using them. However, the labeling on these buttons wasn’t very good; the buttons have multiple functions, but only one of the multiple functions of each button is displayed, so sometimes operating this was a hit and miss affair. However, the problem that I found worst in this player was how unintuitive it was. It was very frustrating to use especially in the beginning, when wanted to change the volume and ended up skipping to the next track, for example. Also, sometimes it takes so long to do very basic operations such as moving from one folder to another. With patience, it might be possible to use this player without losing your cool but unfortunately patience is a virtue that I can’t say I’m proud to have. To be very honest, I think the user interface on this device could be massively improved.

      The sound quality of this player can be described as adequate. I don’t use expensive earphones on it, but all the same I have had

      no problems hearing lyrics on this. I never have to turn up the volume; it’s always at a comfortable level and I can’t complain about that. This player also happens to have an FM radio which I found to be very good, much better than most I have used before. It also has other features such as games, but I generally don’t use these as I find that they can easily get me very annoyed. This is mainly because of the user interface issue, which makes it very difficult for me to control the game.

      As a plain music player, I use this device a lot but using it as anything else is a bit difficult. I think that a lot of work didn’t go into designing this, and as a result it has a lot of flaws in terms of functionality. Unless these are addressed, I would be very cautious about recommending this, as sometimes I myself would regret not having gotten an iPod in the first place. If you have patience and can tolerate the inconsistencies in design, then this may well be a cheap but adequate music player for you. Otherwise, I’d advise that you stay away from it. It cost me £35, which I think is a bit too much for what I get.

Jean says :

Does this model have a shuffle (random play) feature? If yes then does it get songs from all folders or just the current one?

John says :

Jean, it does have shuffle. You can shuffle several directories-not just one.

Mike says :

Have you filled up an entire 64gb external card and if so are you able to shuffle through all the music. The current player I have only lets you shuffle 1000 songs. The rest you have to play in order. I hate that. I never know what mood I will be in and I want to be able to shuffle through everything.

Mike says :

I have had two of these Kubik evo mp3 players. I have given them and initial charge for 4 hours they have then played for about an hour and then cut out. Doesn’t even seem to want to charge again
Any ideas, am I doing something wrong or just been unlucky getting two duff units?

Ellie says :

How many songs can the Kubik Evo have on it? I already plugged it in my computer when I first got it and added some songs, now I have added some more but they are not on there when I go to listen to them??
Hope you can help

Jules Li says :

This is an 8 GB MP3 player. It’s estimated that you can fit between 350-500 songs per GB, which estimates to about 4000 songs. However, with that being said you should keep in mind that it’s impossible to know for sure how many songs you’ll be able to fit on. Songs are of many different sizes and lengths, so this would all come into play when determining it’s capacity.

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