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  • This brand is amazing because those main vitamins like A and E and B complex are all present in every tablet
  • This is one of the best component of a vitamin--stress-fighting

    • by ibizaspain

      As the famous line in a local commercial goes, ” it is difficult to get sick in times of financial crisis”. True, we always need to watch our health otherwise we might end up getting sick and it means leave of absence and consequently salary deduction. But what everyone must understand that the old adage “health is wealth” is correct. It is like a wise investment that if you take care of your body, you will surely reap good returns. Taking care of your body can best be accomplished by eating the right foods and taking vitamins everyday. There are several choices today like Centrum, Clusivol, various multivitamins from different pharmaceuticals. It is confusing to get your pick but these choices should not confuse you.

      You must pick a vitamin brand which comes with complete list of the daily needed vitamins and

      minerals. What are those that your body needs everyday? You need to have Vitamin B complex B1, B6 and B12. Also the antioxidants like Vitamin E and A which is important for the skin and the eyes. But also, it must contain minerals that can help you keep up with your daily routine. This is the very challenge that poses before us because when your body cannot keep up with your daily activities, it is when you lessen your output. This brand is amazing because those main vitamins like A and E and B complex are all present in every tablet. Another thing, this is design to combat fatigue. This is one of the best component of a vitamin–stress-fighting. This brand contains amino acids which helps combat fatigue. Amino acids boosts your stamina especially during busy days. I find this an appropriate ...

      • vitamin supplement for men especially for athletes and those who work out a lot. This can also provide muscle building aid in your body given its potent source for amino acids.

        The best thing about this vitamin for me is the price. It is just 4 Php which is very cheap compared to Centrum, Clusivol or Pharmaton which would range between 10 Php to 25 Php each. For ordinary individual who is working on a budget, you do not need to splurge on expensive vitamins just to keep up with your health.

        I really did not notice anything particular as to immediate effects when I took this. It was not sedating like other brands which are also fatigue-fighting. One notable effect though was that it increased the frequency of my urination. It was like I was drinking so much water. Even during the

        night, I have to wake up just to urinate. There was really something different as regards my urination. Another thing, it also increased my sexual appetite. Prior to taking this brand, everything was normal but when I took this, it was different. I feel sexually stimulated always. There are some contents in this brand that causes this that is why.

        The amino acids contained in every tablet is enough for your daily needs and it will not hurt your kidneys. Some may think that it can be too much but it is not.

        I find this vitamin supplement as very good because of its price which is too affordable, its contents are useful for stress-fighting. The only thing I was hoping that this vitamin would have is a high doze of Vitamin C and zinc so that there is a complete shield against sickness.

    alex says :

    is it ok to take this with Pharex b1 b6 b12 and sodium ascorbate? thanks
    Galega says :

    Yes, you can take Pharex B1, B6 and B12 along with Sodium Ascorbate - Vitamin C - simultaneously. There should not be any problem.
    Alex says :

    Another question, the nurse in the clinic told me to take, revicon forte, sodium ascorbate, and pharex b1 b12 b6. Is it ok? 3 vitamins? Im just worried to take too much. Tnx.
    Galega says :

    There should not be any problem as all three of these have different ingredients. In any case, you should talk to a doctor - not nurse - about medicines or supplements you should take.
    emmarie says :

    is revicon forte for girls also?
    Galega says :

    Yes, this is gender neutral. Both male and female can take it. The dosage is also the same as per age.
    Gurujit Kaur says :

    how long can you keep Revicon tabs. expiry
    carmie_kane says :

    Hi Gurujit,

    The expiry date of Revicon Forte was indicated on the bottle or packaging. If you have the foiled sealed Revicon, the expiry date is also stated in the cover.

    Thank you.
    Albrenny says :

    Taking a single dose of expired revicon shouldn’t result in an adverse event. However, to be on the safe side i personally wouldn’t consume a expired drug of any sort. You are much safer keeping contact with your health care provider so that you can have a fresh supply of unexpired medication.
    alex mercado says :

    Is Revicon forte is good for taking everyday?
    Galega says :

    Yes, you can take Revicon Forte daily for prolong duration - one tablet a day. If you are taking any other multivitamin, please consult a doctor before proceeding.
    Sam Karlo says :

    Hello. What is the effect of taking Revicon Forte? Can I build muscles when using it? Thanks.
    Galega says :

    It is a multivitamin supplement. It is not a protein supplement which can help you to build muscle. However, taking multivitamin is also necessary and one of many things you need to have for building muscles.
    Marissa says :

    Is it ok to drink for a person who have a high creatinine level?
    Galega says :

    Yes, a person with high creatinine level can take Revicon Forte. Please remember that it won’t help you in curing the high creatinine level, for which you need to be in touch with your doctor.
    Jiro says :

    What will be the side effect if i take whey protein and revicon forte at the same time? Please answer me thank you sir.
    Galega says :

    Revicon Forte is a multivitamin and mineral supplement. It has nothing to do with Protein supplement that you may take. You can freely take both of them simultaneously. I would just suggest you to not take too much Protein powder daily. Stick with the recommended dose as per your body weight and age (and medical issue, if any).
    Dom says :

    It is ok to take revicon forte for patients habe kidney disease?
    Galega says :

    Ideally, it should not be problematic.

    But, you know, when it comes to Kidney problem, you need to apply extra caution while taking any supplement. It is mandatory for you to consult a physician and start Revicon Forte only after taking his consent.
    mark says :

    Hello Mr.galega is there a vitamin supplements that is not effective?
    Galega says :

    If you are not taking a duplicate or expired product, then all supplements will be effective depending on their ingredients.
    paul says :

    Is it okay for a 13 years old?
    Galega says :

    Yes, Revicon Forte can be taken by a 13 year old. There should not be any problem.
    Rene Austria says :

    How about for a 12 years old, it is safe to take revicon?
    Galega says :

    You can give Revicon Forte to a 12 year old teen, if there is any medical necessity. Otherwise, at this age, balanced daily diets rich in all vitamins and minerals is required for optimum development of the body and brain.
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