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      Ever wondered what it would be like if The Sims became more 3D? As in, zoom in to the slightest detail, and rotate 360 degrees? Well, you just got your wish. The Sims 2 is just around the corner, and trust me, it’s way better than The Sims 1.

      I bought this game mainly because I was a fan of The Sims 1. Now, if you’re not a fan of the former game, it’s okay. The rule of the game is fairly simple, the players play God. It is after all a simulation of everyday life, with some twists. Unlike

      The Sims 1 however, The Sims 2 offers much more and I tell you, Maxis have improved tremendously in 3D graphics. Your Sims can now be viewed in 3D which means, you can rotate the screen, zoom in and zoom out, just like you would if you were looking at a bunch of people in real life. So far, that is one of the major changes in the game. Another improvement would be customization. In the sims 1, we are just left with a few people with custom faces and we have to choose outfits. In The Sims 2 however,
      we can customize details such as nose, eyes, mouth, cheeks, hair and body type. This enables us to create a wide array of unique looking sims. I love this idea very much, that it takes me an awful lot of time when creating just one sim.

      However, do not fret, there are other people out there who are creating custom mods, so if you feel that your Sims’ wardrobe is a little old, you can always find something new in the web.

      Aside from the customization there are tons of modifications that they did. One would be the “aspiration meter”. Your ...

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      sims are not just dolls, in this game, they begin to have dreams and a vision of what they want to be, and it is your job to fulfil or break it. Sometimes, I like to experiment a lot and it has become a habit of mine to actually put my sims in awkward and tedious tortures. There were even a few sims who died being a virgin and they wanted to have sex pretty badly. I know, I’m an evil person. lol.

      Anyhow, when compared to the Sims 3, I think the Sims 2 definitely owned it! I mean, it’s

      a lot more fun than Sims 3. I have tried both games and the only thing that is fun with sims 3 is the fact that you can customize your sim from head to foot, as in you can dictate everything, from the length of the hair to the size of their tummy, but when you’re done creating your sims, the gameplay becomes tedious and you’re not allowed to go inside public places such as libraries or coffee shops. I really prefer the sims 2. It’s a game worthy of your time, attention and money! You can never go wrong with it.

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