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  • I am the mother of 3 children and I did not have any problem with my first and second kid but when I had my 3rd baby, I did not have the sufficient milk to feed my little baby
  • I was very much worried about it, because I know very well the importance of the mother�s milk for babies

    • by penu
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      I am the mother of 3 children and I did not have any problem with my first and second kid but when I had my 3rd baby, I did not have the sufficient

      milk to feed my little baby. I was very much worried about it, because I know very well the importance of the mother�s milk for babies. The quality and the nutrition,

      • which is present in the mother�s milk, is not possible to get the same from any other source. My doctor prescribed me to take the mothers Horlicks and I started using it.
        Just after a week of time I had enough milk to feed my baby. Really the Mothers horlicks is a great product, which is very safe and very useful for lacking mothers.

    jaganmohan says :

    Hiii iam 8 weeks pregnancy aim useing to mothers horlicks.any problem? please reply me answer
    Galega says :

    There will not be any problem in taking Mother’s Horlicks at this stage. You can take it throughout your pregnancy. You should also let your OBGyne know that you are taking Mother’s Horlicks so that she can adjust necessary supplements usually prescribed for pregnant women.
    Priyanka says :


    I have been taking mother’s Horlicks for about a week now.
    In one drink, i add about 3 scoops of powder to 200 ml of milk as specified.
    I feel so full. I had a cup in the noon and couldn’t eat my lunch as I was feeling so full.
    Is it Ok to skip your meals? Or should this just be a supplement? Please clarify
    Galega says :

    It is just a supplement, and must be taken like that. My wife is also taking Mother’s Horlicks, and I never allow her to skip meal. You should take your meal at scheduled time. You can’t live your life on the supplement, how good that might be.
    Ashwidha says :

    I’m a married woman but not there any problem of drinking mother Horlicks?
    Galega says :

    You should consider taking Women Horlicks. That will be better for you. Mother’s Horlicks contains some stuffs intended for the unborn baby. It may not be harmful for you, but you may not need them also.
    Roja says :

    How do we use Mother Horlicks is it with milk or with water hot or cold or warm …Please suggest. Also let me know the quantity one should have per day.
    Adityaa says :

    You can add Mother’s Horlicks to milk or water. Mother’s Horlicks is milk based. So it can be easily made with a small cup of water. Their website suggests to give 3 cups of Mother’s Horlicks daily.
    Galega says :

    Mother’s milk is supposed to be taken with warm water.

    Take one cup of warm water. Add two scoops of Mother’s milk in the cup. Mix the solution. And, drink it.

    If your doctor has already prescribed you some nutritional supplements (generally doctors prescribes some necessary supplements during pregnancy and breastfeeding stages), take only one cup of Horlicks in one day.

    Discuss this issue with your doctor, and she may offer you the right dose.

    GSK says that you SHOULD take three cups of Horlicks daily. However, that is the ideal situation only when you are not taking other nutritional supplements.
    rekha says :

    this Horlicks take ofter meals or before meals?
    Galega says :

    There is as such no suggestion about Mother’s Horlicks. The OBGyne of my wife had suggested her to take it in the morning with breakfast. You can also follow the same schedule. However, you can take it at any time as per your convenience.
    reshmi says :


    Galega says :

    Yes, Mother’s Horlicks is recommended for optimum baby growth, for balancing nutrient needs during the pregnancy stage as well as proper brain development of the unborn baby. You can take it. If you are taking another supplement, consult your OBGyne before taking it.
    Deepti says :

    I am 31 weeks pregnant and diagonised with gestational diabetes.I am in usa so they are unaware of Mother’s horlicks.If I want to contiue with carb count in ,what is the recommended dosage.Is it good to contiue or look for other options.Please suggest

    Galega says :

    In the current medical condition, I would strongly suggest you to take it only after consulting a doctor. You can let your doctor know about ingredients and then ask for proper dosage. Usually, three times serving of one scoop is recommended to the pregnant women. However, there might be some variation in your condition.
    Deepti says :

    Thank you ..will do that
    Subhra Naskar says :

    Is there any side effects like short-term weakness in using mother’s Horlicks?
    Galega says :

    There isn’t any short term weakness of using Mother’s Horlicks. You can rest assured. Just ensure to follow users’ instructions while taking it.
    Sindhu says :

    Hi, I would like to know at what stage of pregnancy should I start taking Mother`s Horlicks? Thanks in advance.
    Dhanya says :

    Mother’s horlicks can be taken right from the beginning of the pregnancy. After delivery you can continue it as you need to breastfeed the baby and also you get your health back. Mother’s horlicks would help you get necessary nutrients during pregnancy so that you and your baby gets all nutrients. After delivery it would nourish your body for breastfeeding and general health.
    Galega says :

    Apart from ingredients to keep your body in a healthy stage during pregnancy, Mother’s Horlicks also contains many micro-ingredients to help the optimum growth of baby (particularly brain growth). You can start taking it after 12 weeks of the pregnancy, when the growth of the brain of the fetus starts to take place. There isn’t any problem if you are taking from the moment you realized that you are pregnant.

    One more thing, please bring this fact in the mind of your gynecologist that you are taking Mother’s Horlicks. The doctor will then prescribe you suitable supplement (leaving stuffs which you are already getting through it).
    kapil kumar says :

    Hi, I would like to know at what stage of pregnancy should I start taking Mother s Horlicks?
    Dhanya says :

    Kapil Kumar,

    Right from the beginning of pregnany you can start taking mother’s horlicks. Continue that after delivery. Breastfeeding mothers need extra nutrients
    Galega says :

    It is recommended to take Mother’s Horlicks from 12 weeks of pregnancy. As you might know, the brain of the fetus starts to develop after this time. In this situation, Mother’s horlicks can help.

    You can also start to take it from the moment your pregnancy is detected.

    Also, please tell your doctor that you are taking Mother’s Horlicks.

    Mother’s Horlicks contains some micro nutrients for your baby. Hence, you can continue to take it till you are done with breastfeeding.
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