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  • I know some celebrities even have twitter contests and stuff exclusively for their twitter followers
  • SO if you want to have a long conversation I recommend sticking with a messaganger of some sort

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      I used to not really pay much attention to twitter. The first time I got an account I actually do not remember actually logging back into it until a month later. Haha. But now, twitter is like my life! I honestly like it better then facebook. What really got me hooked to facebook was one concert I went to. People around me kept getting tweets from the artist we were seeing and kept getting updates as to where he was around the city, and when he arrived at the venue. They actually got twitter updates on their phone! After this, I figured hey, it is a really good way to keep in touch with the world of Hollywood and music industry from a primary source- that person itself!

      I never really took the time to look what you could do with twitter before this concert. After though I actually went into explore everything you can do. First off, you can follow your favorite celebrities and get information other people may not know. And you can also see how those celebrities talk to other celebrities and who they are interacting with. You can see what relationships are brewing in the industry that people are not just going to come out

      and say. I know some celebrities even have twitter contests and stuff exclusively for their twitter followers! It is so cool to get the insider from all the celebrities.

      Another thrill of twitter is to get celebrities and celebs friends to follow you! That is a fun challenge within itself. Like for so long I have been trying to get Cody Simpson to follow me and I finally did! And when a celebrity follows you, you can direct message them and they are more likely to see it since they follow less most likely then they have followers! So if you need something special from a celebrity such as wanting to have them participate in a charity event or want to meet them in their home town you can direct message them! Also you can retweet peoples tweets to spread the word about various projects and stuff going on. Especially if you are doing a fundraiser or something along those lines. I know this guy Cody Simpson re-tweeted this one guys fundraiser for swim caps for this Earthquake that happened in New Zeland. This also lets you get informed about twit-cams going on.

      This is also a good way to get recognized or discovered. People follow you, watch ...

      • your twit cams. Twitter is availiable on most phones too so you can tweet on the go! You can tweet ANYTHING. They have trending topics! You can tweet about what your doing for the today, lyrics, quotes, songs playing on your radio. You can use the “#” to start topics to trend. And you can tag people in your tweets using the “@” sign. For this you can also tag any celebs of your choosing and they can see your tweets and maybe even tweet you back! Twitter is as safe as you make it too. I have not ran into any creeps on there. My twitter is public but I do not post information where people kind find where I am. I do more general statuses. You do have an option to make your profile private though so no worries on safety.

        Other things you can do are pick your username. Which can be anything as long as it is not taken. You can pick a profile picture, a background, colors and font you want to be shown on your profile as well as a short bio. You can also have the option to display your location and websites such as your twitter or youtube channels. There is

        a lot of funny news you can see on twitter that I learn from there. Actually some serious news too, I first learned about the Earthquake in Japan when someone tweeted about it and the #Pray4Japan tweet starting trending. So it totally keeps you up on the latest news going on around the world! It is also a great way to keep in touch with people that are far away. You can have conversations through tweets.

        The only downside is tweets and direct messages both have limited characters you can use. A lot of times not enough for me, especially to have a long conversation. SO if you want to have a long conversation I recommend sticking with a messaganger of some sort. Twitter thought you can get in a good 2-3 sentences but you just have to shorten your characters as much as possible like turn “for” into “4″ and you should be good.

        I love twitter! I just tweeted this radio DJ and requested a song, see it is useful! Ah, it is just fun to talk to people on there, lots of people into the whole hollywood scene have it. There is tons to do and explore on there and I recommend anyone to check it out!

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