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  • However,I thought that these plot elements were not good enough for an entire film

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      Stop or My Mom will shoot is a 1992 comedy film starring Sylvestor Stallone.It is about a mother who visits her 30 something year old son who is a cop. The cop Joe Bomowski(sylvestor stalonne) is concentrating on solving a police case at the time. His mother is so happy to see him and enjoys treating him like a kid.She makes him breakfast everyday,shows baby pictures of him to everybody and interferes with his life.She even does a few chores around the house for him such as cleaning his gun.However,she ends up ruining the gun by cleaning it.She feels bad about this and decides to buy him a new gun for a present.She ends up buying it from a van.Soon after buying git,she witnesses a shooting involving the gun sellers in the van.

      She learns that the weapons may be linked to a criminal

      selling them.Joe Bomowski continues to work on the police case and his mother gets involved.She is a suspect involving the shooting with the gun sellers in the van.However,she won’t tell what she saw.She wants her son to solve the case and attempts to work with him on the case.He tries methods to stop her from interfering such as locking her in a car when looking for a criminal.However,she manages to get herself out of the car despite it being locked.She and Joe then work together to solve the crime.This eventually leads to them finding the man who was selling the illegal guns.The guy is about to shoot Joe but Joe’s mother manages to shoot him.Later in the film when Joe is taking her mother to the airport to go home,she points out another criminal and Joe manages to stop him.

      This movie was ...

      • average at best.It is essentailly an easy going comedy abou the bond of mothers and her son.Most of the jokes revolved around Joe’s mother treating him like a kid and getting into his personal affairs.Thi was a bit funny.A funny scene was when his mother tried to tuck him into bed.This was hilarious.There is also a funny running gag in which Joe’s mother is always trying to show Joe’s baby pictures to strangers.I liked how the film tried to have a few serious elements like the criminal case to give the film a bit of substance.However,despite this,this plot element didn’t give the film enough substance to be really girl.As I said earlier,the movie was mostly about Joe’s mother pestering him. It wasn’t much else.It was sort of funny how Joe and his mother worked together to solve a crime.

        I laughed when John’s

        mother shot someone. However,I thought that these plot elements were not good enough for an entire film.The film tried to have a romantic plot element with Joe and a woman named Glen.However,the film didn’t concentrate on this and simply elaborated on the plot involving Joe and his mother.A big thing I didn’t like about this movie was its ending.It just seemed like it was stretching the film out longer than it needed to be.There was a point in the film where the film should have is when Joe is trying to get her mother to go home at the airport because he is tired of her meddling in his life.However,the film just stretches on.It has Joe apologize to his mother and invite her to stay with him longer.After this,we get more of the same jokes that dealt with Joe’s mother annoying him.

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