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  • It’s almost hard to ignore the strong fragrance, though I concede that it’s part of the experience
  • I think its cleansing action falls secondary to the scent
  • I guess that’s not a problem for the guys
  • Unfortunately, I could hardly smell anything on my skin after a few hours

    • by jhunie


      I always loved smelling this on my brother. It has that kind of fresh cucumber-musk accord, every time I smell it on him. The smell just wafts out of the shower room, tickling my penchant for fragrances. Old Spice Odor Blocker is a macho body wash, and it was worthwhile breaking into masculine scented products. I suppose the main feature of this body wash is it doubles as deodorant. The product quotes: “16 hours of freshness.” My body chemistry works with most scented shower soaps, and I didn’t get that this particularly led my body smelling salty at the end of the day. I’m lucky not to have issues regarding body odor. I’ve been usually washing myself with this body wash at home, where I’m preoccupied by plenty of household activities the rest of the day. My verdict is it does work as a mild deodorant. I never developed any funky smell, in spite that I was not wearing a deodorant.

      On the olfactory side, the body wash served up a heavy dose of fragrance – the thing I had exactly been looking forward to smelling on my body. But I was a bit repelled by the

      strength of the scent. I could hardly breathe! Anyhow, I was able to bear it with tolerance, because it smells energizing in the morning. I appreciate the lack of sweetness that, in a way, gives it that famed masculine appeal. I’m really tired of smelling the same fruity-gourmand scents in feminine body washes. The body wash’s authentic fragrance, which blasts like a bomb inside the shower, is distinctly of a cologne formula. I want to underscore here that the scent really smells of fragrance oils, as opposed to a soapy type of scent. Old Spice, as the name itself, has a spicy cologne scent. The cologne fragrance smells very rich; I can detect some amber in it, and the aromatic scent reaches a certain volume that I practically couldn’t smell anything fruity. That’s really weird, as I often identify Old Spice as a musky, fruity scent on other people. It’s almost hard to ignore the strong fragrance, though I concede that it’s part of the experience.

      The scent totally steals the body wash-ing experience and makes it the main event. The entire duration I spent analyzing the scent of the body wash. I think its cleansing ...

      • action falls secondary to the scent. I was a little underwhelmed by its lather. It didn’t foam up. I would not call it a foaming body wash. I used a gauzy bath towel, and the body wash produced a fair amount of suds, but it was not as foamy as I would have desired. A disparate attribute over shower gels, which I use quite often, is that the lather doesn’t glide smoothly. I didn’t want to scratch the bath towel upon my skin. I was expecting a more sensual experience, besides the fragrance. I guess that’s not a problem for the guys. For the texture-sensitive, you won’t feel a slimy lather. But the watery suds leave me feeling less thoroughly cleansed.

        To compensate the slight dissatisfaction thereof, the body wash does take care of the skin. I purposely refused to put lotion on my body, so I can test how the body wash holds up with my body chemistry. It’s nice to know the body wash doesn’t dry my skin. Even in its bare texture, I feel a healthy smoothness that, I imagine, would suit men’s skin, without heavy moisture, or too much vanity.

        Although, that doesn’t mean you’re pretty fine without lotion or moisturizer; it’s still an essential step. In my mind though, I feel that my skin can do on its own.

        One demerit of the body wash is the short-lasting scent. After several washes, I couldn’t proclaim that the body wash can work as a perfume base. I was expecting a musky sillage on my body, with which I shall anchor my favorite perfumes. That way, the scent would last. Unfortunately, I could hardly smell anything on my skin after a few hours. I was waiting for my body to warm up the scent, but the fragrance never makes an impression. However, it does leave a fresh smell on towel-dried skin. In the end, that drifts my thoughts to body sprays, mists, and perfumed lotion – basically any fragrance supplement to strengthen its effect. I think it costs 20 dollars. To conclude my digression toward masculine scents, this odor-blocking wash works – perhaps as a deodorizing base, though it missed the crucial part I wanted it to play to increase the life of my perfumes. For the not so fragrance-inclined guys, this should be a staple in your bathroom counter.

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