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Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City
  • I think it is wonderful in itself, although when compared to Seattle’s Best or Coffee Bean’s Brewed Coffee (I don’t like Starbucks – I find it too dark and bitter), it’s nothing really special
  • I’m the type who believe in getting the best value for my money, and if I’d actually be compelled to spend, I would best spend it wisely

    • by jandi70


      I was first exposed to the Figaro “ambiance” way back 2000, when my friends and I would always hang out at their branch at AIM Conference Center Manila in Benavidez corner Trasierra St. Legaspi Village, Makati City. We were all in sales at that time, so we go there almost everyday to have meetings, entertain our clients or simply hang out and talk. Now, eleven years after, even though we are all living and treading different lives, we would still regularly see each other (regular now means every three months) in any of the Figaro outlets, more often at their branch in Greenbelt 3.

      I do have my favorite coffee shop in the ground floor of Greenbelt 3. But I make it a point to visit this place once in a

      while, not only because of the sentimental attachment that my friends and I have for this café , but also because of my favorite Figaro sandwich, their Smoked Farmer’s Ham Focaccia. I have always loved it since way back, complete with its potato chips siding. The way the ham was smoked, the freshly- baked focaccia, its lettuce –tomato toppings , plus its honey mustard-like dressing (I never really knew exactly what the spread was—but yes, it tasted like honey-mustard) makes a really luscious combination which I would truly crave for whenever I get the appetite for gourmet sandwiches. I have yet to discover any special taste in their coffee though, as I would always just order their Brewed Coffee. I ...

      • think it is wonderful in itself, although when compared to Seattle’s Best or Coffee Bean’s Brewed Coffee (I don’t like Starbucks – I find it too dark and bitter), it’s nothing really special. But it comes as a great compliment to my pet sandwich, that’s why I have always ordered it all through the years.

        I’m the type who believe in getting the best value for my money, and if I’d actually be compelled to spend, I would best spend it wisely. Getting the Smoked Farmer’s Ham at P179 (in year 2000, this was only around P99) plus the Brewed Coffee at P75 already seems a great buy for me. My friends each have their own choices too, and

        with that specific budget we can already spend hours and hours chatting and catching up with each other’s lives.

        As for their other menu items. I can’t let this pass without giving equal accolade to our group favorite, the Figaro Club, which we also often order as a group. The other sandwiches seem overpriced and overrated though. Before we have established our favorites, we had a great deal of chance to order and taste everything , considering that we used to go there everyday. But mine is, of course, an obsolete observation—I’m quite sure the other menu items are getting good feedback by now.

        We also love to hang-out in this place because of the ambiance – neat, classy, professional crowd. The service crew are excellent too–always helpful , courteous and efficient.

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    BarakoBlendFan says :

    I frequent Figaro coffee shops, where there’s a selection of coffee shops in an area, I’d look for Figaro first before going to the next best option. I guess it was my first encounter with the barako blend that sealed the deal, and that was over 10 years ago, I’ve been a repeat customer since. I’ve been to many Figaro outlets before a show at Greenbelt 3, I’d stop by the shop there for a cup. On sundays, when I’m at Glorietta, I’d go out of my way to visit the shop located at the center of the mall for a cup and rum cake (recently pudding after the rum cake was phased out. aw.). Aside from great Barako and rum cake pudding, I’ve grown accustomed to the general friendliness and warmth that most of the staff demonstrate. Some I know by face and they already know what I’d pick.

    Recently I was sad to discover that the Figaro branch across Paseo Center closed down - I frequented that shop when my workplace was nearby, that was 4 years ago. In summary, I’d choose Figaro first, and to say I consider myself a very loyal customer, which is why the next part of this narrative is really sad for me, and very disappointing.

    I’m not going back to the Figaro Liberty branch even if my current workplace is literally at the same location. Why? Not because they serve bad coffee, but because the quality of service, the customer touch that I’ve known Figaro for, is not there, and I’m left with a really bad impression of this shop.

    It was raining hard yesterday (July 3, 2012) I dropped by for my usual cup of 16 oz barako blend. The drink was served okay, usual paper bag, 2 brown sugar and cream, and a store lady was even nice enough to help me with my unwieldy umbrella. On my way back to the office, I felt my fingers being scalded - apparently the plastic lid was not fastened properly. To make it worse, the paper bag started to soak completely to the point that the satchets of cream and sugar came out of the bottom. I had to go back of course and was pretty mad at that point. They had paper cup holders, the insulating sleeve, I wonder why they didn’t use that instead and always placed the cup in a paper bag. Anyway, my fingers were scalded, a pant leg was soiled with coffee, I wasn’t in the friendliest of moods. One of the servers acknowledged that the plastic lid could not fasten properly. Imagine this, the paper cup was already soaked on the outside, the paper was tearing, and they tried to work on the soaked cup. Later they changed the cup, pouring the OLD coffee - that got me incensed because 1) it wasn’t my fault the plastic lid didn’t fasten properly - they should have checked 2) they had insulating paper cup holders that made more sense that paper bags, 3) For the inconvenience and pain I suffered, was it too much to just pour me a new cup? Finally, after I was ready to go, I felt everyone just move away, avoiding the plague it seems. There wasn’t any courtesy goodbye, or be careful (when i came in, no one showed the least concern that i scalded my fingers, even after I said so), i was just ignored.

    I let that one go thinking that it was raining, under the circumstance accidents happen, not everyone is equipped to handle the very irate customer that I became. So I went back this morning for my usual cup, today’s experience sealed my decision not to go back.

    I was in line patiently waiting for the counter person to finish writing the official receipt (she thanked me for waiting). I ordered my usual 16 oz barako blend, and sat down to observe how they treat other customers. There was another barista, guy with glasses (The same guy who yesterday observed correctly that the plastic lid wasn’t fastened properly), at the the time I was ordering. This guy, who appeared to be busy when I was waiting for the cashier just a while back, immediately attended to the lady who was in line after me, serving her 2 lattes complete in egg trays, and in a plastic bag, her order came before mine and she left before me. Okay, maybe she ordered in advance, I’m fine with that.

    My order was to go. It was served with the plastic lid on the side of the cup, there was no paper bag. I asked for an insulating paper cup holder and was told they only had paper bags, I had to insist to get my paper cup holder. The cup is really hot to hold without anything else in between. I guess they still remember me, and maybe it’s their way of avoiding accountability by having me put the lid on my own coffee, without any paper bag, without anything else to hold it with. Again, I was left alone, to think I’ve been frequently at this shop everyday for the past week. I told one server before I left ayoko ng bumalik dito, namimili kayo

    Man, if that’s how they treat repeat customers, then i am never going back. I hope they read this piece, they probably will just ignore this. Just to offer a perspective I will always have the need to take a break and I will always have a need for coffee. I’ve done this the past week by having a 16 oz barako twice a day. that’s 218 pesos a day, it may be small change compared to daily sales, but add it up 5 days a week, 4-5 weeks a month, and at least 10 months in a year. Think about how much repeat customers, sometimes creatures of habit, can contribute to your annual shop sales if only you treat them better, think about it whenever you see me pass by your shop holding another brand of coffee, which I can guarantee will be almost every day.

    Thanks for this venue to share my piece, it feels better to let it off.
    Jandi70 replies :

    Your experience is really unfortunate and upsetting. I suggest you let their corporate headquarters know, or maybe the location’s management. Perhaps just forward this review to them. Management should know what their staff is doing, otherwise the business suffers. Figaro is known to train their staff well, I know this from experience.
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