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  • This is why I believe that it does not have 3G support
  • The video playback experience is great if you have more than one person watching the movie
  • Other than this problem, I’ve had no trouble with this tablet

    • by MisterTickle


      If you want a cheap Android tablet that does a bit of everything, then the ICAN 1080001 may be just right for you. When I came across the ICAN Android tablet, it looked like a cheap brand. To me, I see it as one of those tablets where they rip you off by selling you something similar to the iPad. However, the ICAN is not trying to pass off as an iPad or any other brand name tablets. The ICAN is cheap and it has some very nice specifications.

      The price of he ICAN 1080001 Android tablet is $389.99. This price is a bit expensive considering the fact that it doesn’t exactly have a brand name. However, this Android tablet has a lot of features. For one, it has a 16 GB internal memory, HDMI port for high quality video playback, a Micro SD card slot for expandable memory, and a web camera for video conferencing and taking pictures. This Android tablet has a one GHz (gigahertz)

      processor speed and a ten inch touch screen. Overall, the specifications are quite nice. I, personally, find that these specifications are better than the current iPad. The ICAN has a camera, HDMI port, and more.

      The actual performance of the ICAN is decent. I wouldn’t say that it is great as there are a few flaws. For one, the ICAN is great for simple web surfing, music playback, and video playback. When I mean simple web surfing, I mean that the ICAN cannot handle multiple windows opened at once or streaming videos over the internet. That is still currently not possible. It actually is possible, but I say it isn’t possible because the ICAN cannot handle these actions. It will cause the tablet to slow done. However, for simple web browsing such as reading the news or scrolling through an online article, the ICAN can handle this with no problems at all. The ICAN Android tablet uses a Wi-Fi hotspot or network to connect to the internet. It does not have a 3G or 4G option so this bit is a drawback. According to the website, it claims that the ICAN does have 3G support. However, I cannot get that to work. I do not see a SIM card slot or any instructions on how to access/ enable the 3G service. This is why I believe that it does not have 3G support.

      The ten inch screen is a bit too big for me. It’s good that the screen is big as this means that I do not have to constantly zoom in or out of the article I’m reading. I can actually make the web page fit to the width of the tablet and read comfortably. However, I am still complaining about the screen size. The reason is that the large screen makes the tablet hard to hold. The ICAN internet tablet does not come with any stand or holder for me to prop the tablet upright and read comfortably. This is a ...

      • ICAN 1080001 Android Internet Tablet
      serious drawback and something needs to be done.

      The built-in speakers work very nicely with the video playback feature of this tablet. I simply transfer movies to a memory card and put it in the tablet. I can actually watch movies without head phones or ear buds. The volume is loud enough for me to enjoy a movie. The video playback experience is great if you have more than one person watching the movie. This is because of the large screen. Although the large screen is very awkward and uncomfortable to hold, it does deliver a great movie watching experience. With the large screen, the ICAN offers a clear image, which is great for movie viewing.

      The battery life of this ICAN is decent. I managed to get five hours out of this battery life while doing some simple web surfing. I got two and a half hours of battery life when I was watching videos. The battery life is decent. It isn’t really short where

      you can’t travel with this tablet without a charger. This tablet is great for bringing along on a road trip. You can be surfing the web, watching videos, or listening to music during the day and charge the tablet at night. The charging time takes roughly six hours to get fully charged. This only goes for if the battery gets totally drained out. However, in most cases, it took roughly three hours to charge.

      This tablet is nice and cheap if you are comparing the price to what this tablet can do. However, I have experienced some random shut downs. This tablet will shut down on me and then it will reboot after a while. I do not know why, and I do not like this. I hate this especially when I am in the middle of a film and suddenly the screen is blank. Other than this problem, I’ve had no trouble with this tablet. It is a pretty good buy and the price is just right.

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