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  • Unfortunately,they get caught by the authorities
  • The film really wasn't a drama and I thought dramatic film elements like death should have been removed altogether

    • by letsago

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      Half Baked is a 1998 comedy film starring Dave Chapelle.It is about 3 friends who raise money to bail thier friend Kenny out of jail.They do this by selling Mariquana. Thurgood works as a janitor at a hospital and is able to obtain medical mariquana.He works with his other two friends,Brian and Scarface to create a mariquana business called Mr. Nice Guy.They end up being very successful.However,they end up running into trouble with a local drug lord Sampson.On top of this Thurgood’s girlfreind Mary Jane Breaks up with him when she discovers he sells mariquana and also smokes it.

      She hates people that do and smoke marijuana.Sampson wants a large percentage of thier drug profits.If they don’t hand it over they will die..Desperate to pay Sampson,Brain,Thurgood and Scarface try to steal medical marijuana from the clinic Thurgood works at.Unfortunately,they get caught by the authorities.Even though they get caught,they make a bargain with the police.They offer to help them take down the drug lord Sampson.Thurgood agrees to wear a wire and he’ll p;pretend to buy drugs from Sampson.Thurgood would shout out a

      code name and the police will arrest Sampson.All goes according to plan until the police start doing hard drugs when Thurgood gets at Sampso’s place.Sampson then realizes Thurgood is wearing a wire an tries to have his henchmen kill him.Fortunately,Thurgood and his other two friends beat the henchman.Also,the cops manage to come in to arrest Sampson.in return for helping them catch Sampson,the police offer to get Thurgood’s friend Kenny out of jail.Thurgood also gets back together with Mary Jane and tells her he will stop selling and smoking marijuana.

      Half Baked was a really funny comedy.It is one of those movies that dosen’t have a complex plot but is funny because of its simplicity.It is just about 3 friends who must sell drugs to bail out their friend from jail.The movie is a comedy so this plot element works well.There were a lot of good comedy elements in the film/.One had to do with an old man who just slept all day in Thurgood’s apartment.Thurgood or his friends had never met before and he was just sleeping on Thrugood’s couch like it ...

      • was no big deal..There were a couple of funny prison scenes involving Kenny.There was this large black guy who wanted to beat Kenny up .However,there was this older man who was sexually attracted to Kenny and would protect Kenny from the black man. I thought this was funny..There was this funny pimp character whom Thurgood sold drugs too.The funny thing was he and Thurgood were played by Dave Chappelle.The only thing was Thurgood was bald and the pimp wore a wig that made it look like he had cornrows.They even sounded similar.It was also funny how he would purchase large sums of marijuana from Thurgood to cover up the pain of several emotional problems he had.One character I liked a lot was Thurgood’s friend Brian.He was a big stereotype of a stoner.

        He said “man” after a lot of sentences and had a tie die shirt on.He also often had a goofy grin on his face for no reason.This was histerical.There was also funny how Sampson had an army of women as henchman.You would think that he would have

        some large men to protect him since he was a big time drug lord.

        One of my favorate scenes is when Thurgood and his friends are fighting Sampson’s henchman near the end of the film.Brian takes a small bag out of his pocket.The ghost of the guitarist Jerry Garcia just randomly comes out of the bag and hits Sampsons with his guitar..My most favorite scene is when Brian,Thurgood and Scarface are doing marijuana one day.After doing the drug,they start flying for some strange reason.It was a pretty outlandish scene in the movie which made it hilarious.Half Baked was a good comedy in general.The only thing I really didn’t like was when Sampson first found out about Mr. Nice Guy Company.He found out who some of the members were and killed Scarface’s dog.He did this so he could get everyone in the Mr. Nice Guy company to meet him and share profits.This was a rather dark element in a lighthearted comedy.I truly felt a big of sorrow for the dog.The film really wasn’t a drama and I thought dramatic film elements like death should have been removed altogether.

    carla says :

    what did they call the name of the marijuana they sold

    John says :

    They refer to it as “Mr. Nice Guy”.

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