The Cuisinart DCC1150BK Programmable Thermal Coffee Maker
  • The insulation was a bit of a problem though
  • However, I think the problem lies in the lid

    • by MisterTickle


      The Cuisinart DCC1150BK Programmable Thermal Coffee Maker is one of those coffee makers with a lot of features. The price of this coffee maker is $39.99. Comparing this price with the features this coffee maker, this coffee maker is worth it. The features of this coffee maker include a 10 cup capacity, self cleaning feature, double walled insulation, auto shut off feature, and a charcoal water filter. As I see it, there are a lot of features. I don’t understand all these features yet such as the charcoal water filter feature. However, I can work with the double walled insulation.

      Here is a bit of how this coffee maker works. Basically, you brew coffee like usual. However, unlike any other coffee maker, there are a load of options. For example, I can actually brew half

      way and then pause the brewing. After pouring out my cup of coffee, I can put the pot back into the brewer and continue the brewing. This is really a great feature. This is great for in case you start you coffee brewing late and you are you might not be able to finish brewing your coffee, you can actually pour yourself a cup of coffee and then continue the brewing. The pausing feature is great.

      I got this Cuisinart, opened the box, and found two things inside. The first is obviously the coffee maker itself. The other is the manual. The manual is pretty straight forward. It explains how each feature works and how to use it. I find the manual a bit hard to read at times. The diagrams are labeled and made

      with care. I had a little trouble there trying to find out which button does what and generally how to use it.

      I made my first cup of coffee with this coffee maker. It took a while to get the water boiling and the coffee to get ready. I tested the pause feature. I stopped the coffee maker in the middle of its work and poured myself a cup of coffee, and then let the brewing continued. This is a great feature. It is really useful. I’m not quite sure how this self cleaning feature works, but I do find the cleaning very easy. I simply give the pot a rinse. I never actually had to “scrub” or do some serious cleaning on the coffee make. It is usually a simply rinse and it looks ...

      • The Cuisinart DCC1150BK Programmable Thermal Coffee Maker
      good as new. The insulation was a bit of a problem though. I find that that the coffee gets cold pretty fast. The insulation is supposed to keep the coffee warm. However, I think the problem lies in the lid. The lid is very basic and that’s where the heat is escaping. However, when I touch the pot, I can feel that it is slightly too warm. Heat could be coming off from the so called double walled insulation. Don’t bother getting this coffee maker for the purpose of using it for keeping coffee warm for a longer time. I certainly did not find that useful at all. I’m not sure how this charcoal water filter is supposed to work. Basically, it acts as a filter before the water gets boiled.

      The auto shut off

      feature was great. It’s good to be able to leave the coffee maker unattended. This way, I can be cooking breakfast or doing some other stuff while the coffee maker is at work. I do not have to wait and keep watch when the coffee is finished. I actually believe all coffee makers include this feature. However, with the large pot capacity, I sometimes just simply use this coffee maker to boil water. Then I will be drinking this water for a whole day as I usually drink boiled water. This is good the pot can store a lot of water. I don’t have to keep on boiling and worry about water running out. It’s a great and cheap appliance. The insulation is something to watch out for. Other than that, this coffee maker performs well.

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