“Eyes Wide Shut” (1999 film)
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  • It is definitely worth seeing for fans of the legendary director, because love it or hate it, it will inspire some interesting debate

    • by Doctor Revolt

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      Occupying the position of the iconic Stanley Kubrick’s final directorial effort, completed just days before his passing, ANY movie would be the center of a lot of divided opinions and the source of controversy. After all, those qualities apply to just about every one of the movies in Kubrick’s filmography to begin with. But the added pressure of being the LAST Kubrick film-not to mention one emerging over a decade after his previous one, “Full Metal Jacket,” and starring at that time the biggest power couple in Hollywood, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, “Eyes

      Wide Shut” has a singular ability to alternately generate fury and reverence in the filmmaker’s fans, and to promote confusion in the audience in general.

      The “dream-like” nature of much of the film’s narrative will obviously leave some wondering what was real and what wasn’t, and that ambiguity is important in tying the surreal imagery and misadventures of Cruise’s character to the text’s central themes of identity and fidelity. Often it felt to me like Cruise was REALLY holding back, performance wise, and while this kind of slightly stiff acting style is a common critique ...

      • of Kubrick’s movies, and markedly different than some of Cruise’s more showy roles-it gets sort of irritating here, because so much of the dialogue seems to consist of Cruise simply repeating whatever’s just been said to him and then trying to look pensive. It takes a great actor to make material like this work, and because the film doesn’t completely fall flat, we can say that Cruise turns in a mostly decent, understated performance. Not his best, is all I’m saying.

        As for the movie in general-it’s left up to the audience to determine

        what it means, and what that means to their own interpretations of relationships, commitment and temptation. As a general warning-this movie is LONG, but like all Kubrick’s work, it is well-composed and filmed. It is definitely worth seeing for fans of the legendary director, because love it or hate it, it will inspire some interesting debate. For the average viewer…enter this hallucinatory dreamscape at your own risk. Many of the themes are linked to marriage, so they may be especially resonant for married folk-otherwise, there’s a good chance you might just be bored and/or completely confused.

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