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  • However,he was really a victim,.He was a kind and gentle mentally slow man

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      The Two Headed Transplant is a 1971 horror film.It is about a rich scientist Dr. Girand.One day a murder comes into the home of a caretaker of his who takes care of his janitorial duties.The caretaker has a mentally slow slow son named Danny who lives with him A murder,Manuel Cass,ends up kidnapping D.r Girad’s wife.In the process,Dr. Girad’s caretaker gets killed.Dr. Girand contacts the authorities and has the murder get killed.His wife is also rescued. Despite this,the son of the caretaker, is deeply troubled by his father’s death..Dr. Girad had been previously experimenting

      with transplanting two heads on animal bodies.He now has a desire to do the experiment on a human.He then takes the head of Manuel Cass and transplants it on Danny.Eventually,the two headed man wakes up.Manuel Cass then takes control of Danny’s body and goes on a killing spree.Danny dosen’t want to participate but he can do nothing about it since Manuel has control over his body.First,the body kills a couple of teenagers in a car.Then the killer murdered a couple of bikers who are camping out.Eventually,the two headed man is tracked down by the scientist and police and is killed.

      The Incredible Two Headed transplant was a fairly below average film..The plot is a pretty mediocre horror.It is just about a two headed man going on a killing spree.One thing I don’t really get about the film is why Dr. Girad decides to make a two headed man in the first place.What was he trying to accomplish.Why did he want to revive the murderer who tried to kidnap his wife by putting his head on another man’s body.Was he looking for scientific recognition? Most people in the scientific community would frown upon the ...

      • The Two Headed Transplant-movie
      idea of putting two human heads on a body.and would find it unethical.The practice of putting two heads on one body dosen’t really further science either.What would be the point of putting two heads on one body.You would just be creating an extremely deformed human.Also the horror elements are not really all that great either.The man with two heads just kills a handful of people and then is stopped.

      I was expected a couple more murders to happen.Also,I don’t really understand why the maniac,Manuel Cass has control of Danny’s body.It is not explained why he has the

      ability to do this.It was Danny’s body.Also,a lot more could have been done with the Danny character.He mostly does nothing while the other murderer head on his body does all of the actions such as walking and murdering people.He does say a few lines like asking why he was sharing a body with another person’s head.Also the movie seems to try to make him an antagonist.since he shares a body with a viscous murderer.However,he was really a victim,.He was a kind and gentle mentally slow man.He just had the misfortune of sharing a body with a murderer.

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