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  • However,he does get arrested by King John
  • There were are a lot of funny parts in the film

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      Robin Hood:Men in Tights is a 1993 comedy styled retelling of the story Robin Hood.A lot of things are the same as the original Robin Hood Tale with a couple of changes.In the movie,we start off when Robin Hood is imprisoned in jail in Jerusalem.With an African man named Asneeze,he is able to escape back to England,his home.Before he leaves,Asneeze tells Robin to look after his son,Achoo. who is in England also.When he gets back to England,he has discovered the evil King John is now the ruler and he taxes people too high.Robin eventually runs into his blind servant Blinkin.He also encounters the beautiful Maid Maria,the niece of Little John.Later in the film,he encounters 2 other men,a large man named Little John and Will Scarlet O Hara.

      He teams up with these men to invade King John’s castle.He also encounters the king’s sheriif who is determined to kill him.The sheriff eventually gets an assassin to kill Robin at an archery contest but fails.However,he

      does get arrested by King John.The Sheriff,however makes a deal with Robin.he tells Robin that he will let him go if Maid Marian marries the Sheriff.During the Wedding Ceremony,Robin’s friends, including Achoo crash the wedding.This angers teh Sheriff and he takes Maid Marian to the king’s castle to rape her.Luckily Robin learns about this and goes and rescues Maid Marian.A sword fight occurs between Robin and the Sheriff and Robin becomes victorious.With the sheriff defeated Robin Hood and Maid Marian prepare to marry.The king;s brother,King Richard takes over as king and gets rid of King John who he is disgusted with his immoral rule.Robin Hood and Maid Marian marry and Robin makes Achoo the new Sheriff of the kingdom.

      Robin Hood Men in tights was a fairly enjoyable film for me.It was just a fun spoof of Robin Hood not to be taken too seriously.The plot was not too bad.It stuck close to a traditional Robin Hood story.It also was pretty close to ...

      • the 1991 version of Robin Hood starring Kevin Costner.Robin Hood travels from prison to his homeland of England and goes on a quest to stop the evil rule of King John while winning the heart of Maid Marian.There were are a lot of funny parts in the film.One dealt with the joke of African names.One of the main characters is named Achoo who is an African.When people say his name,sometimes, people think somebody has sneezed.I also found the sheriff of Rotting ham very entertaining.He was menacing and mean but mostly comical to me.

        Most of the comedy stemmed from his exaggerated English accent.he would often mispronounce words like deer as “dare”.One funny scene had him just mix up random words in attempt to tell Robin something.He was trying to tell Robin not to kill Boors in the king’s forest.However,his words just came out jumbled.There is also a funny gag in which an ugly witch is attracted to him.She is an advisor to the

        king who tries to help him catch Robin Hood.She only really agrees to help him because the King agrees to have her go on a date with the Sheriff.She also often talks about her deep feeling for the Sheriff in certain scenes.There were also a lot of funny scenes with Achoo in them..There are a few jokes about being black in an English country.For one thing,there is a scene that shows him wearing sneakers despite him being in old England.At the end of the film,when he is made sheriff by Robin Hood,a large crowd responds “a Black Sheriff”?”I wasn’t offended by these jokes because they were lighthearted and all in good fun.I also loved the fact that the film makes fun of the way men dressed in old England.There is a song that Robin Hood sings in the middle of the film called Men in Tights.He and friends are singing about how manly their tights are despite looking like feminine attire by today’s standards.

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