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  • Seriously, I think I made this film up it is so nuts
  • I do recommend this film, it is so ludicrous it will make you laugh

    • by mamjess

      I am so in love with netflix and the ability to watch movies and tv instantly. Since I don’t have to wait for a movie to come in the mail I am much more willing to try out a movie I have never heard of before. This is one of those films. It’s got some big stars in it so I cannot say how I missed it when it came out. My guess is it tanked at the box office and they did not put much into promoting it.

      This film is based on a Steven King film which is what made me want to watch it. It also stars Thomas Jane of the show Hung, Jason Lee of My Name is Earl and a handful of other actors you will recognize from other movies.

      The start of this movie is really confusing. We see a few of the

      main characters talking to others and we can tell they are mind readers, but why we don’t know for a good half hour into the movie. To be honest the beginning was confusing, I was waiting for the horror and you go quite aways into the film before you see any. The mind reading factors into the film later, but it was so frustrating at first.

      There is a group of friends in this film and they are all 30ish, none married or with kids from what we see, and they had a friend with some form of mental delay, which we never learn exactly what it is, general mental retardation seems to be what the film makers are trying to tell us. This special friend became their friend when they were kids and gave them the ability to read minds. Yes, that happened in the film, see what I mean by confusing?

      Later the friends go on a camping trip and some of them meet a guy with awful gas who later dies after bleeding profusely and pooping himself to death. This may be why the movie never became popular, just writing this I feel silly. So this guy they found in the woods dies on the toilet after pooping an alien snake which comes out of the toilet and then eats one of the friends. Then an alien comes into the house for some unknown reason other than so we know it was an alien snake and the snake and alien are friends. Did I lose you yet? So one friend, Jones is possesed by an Alien who goes and tries to spread their Alien ways out side of the quaratined area. We learn it is quarantined by the military guy in charge who is played by Samuel L Jackson, who eventually ...

      • Movie
      goes crazy. Seriously, I think I made this film up it is so nuts.

      Samuel Jackson’s second in command is that guy who beat Heidi Fleiss, Tom Sizemore. Sizemore eventually believes the crazy story about how Thomas Jane, who knows his friend is being possessed by Aliens because the friends can read each other’s minds. Somehow because they can read minds they know the alien in Jones is afraid of their special friend. So he gets sizemore’s help and they go get the special kid who is now dying of cancer? The alien and the special boy both turn into some H.R. Geiger monsters with barbed tails and fight to the death and the world is saved.

      I watched this movie totally sober and I have no freakin clue what the heck happened. The special effects were great, the acting was fantastic, the casting was awesome,

      and overall the story line was scary and good, but it all felt like these actors owed some kind of a gambling debt and they got roped into this cheesy film. I cannot believe I never heard of this before. It was such a trashy, campy movie. In nearly every scene they did this horrible but so tacky I loved it flash to this darn dreamcatcher, I felt like someone was winking at me every time they did it, like “hey get it, that’s the name of the movie.” The name of the movie with the exception of the gaudy flashback to the dream catcher makes no sense.

      I do recommend this film, it is so ludicrous it will make you laugh. It is not meant to be funny, but it is so off the wall I laughed my self silly watching this. If you have netflix, it’s on instant and it is a must watch.

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