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  • Although honestly I thought that the coffee is not effective but I was still wondering why the thirsty feeling whole day and whole night (if i am still awake)

    • by Janna Smith

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      7 Days Brazilian Slimming Coffee would be the best slimming coffee that you would ever want to have! That is if you are really into getting slim without exercise.

      At first, I was not really believing into things like this because I really believe that there are unknown side effects when you use slimming products but when I was jogging early in the morning because I have a weight of 60kilos or 132.3 lbs which is not appropriate for my height of 5′2″. I worried a lot so I had to do some exercise. But there is a great danger out there jogging on the streets doing it in the wee hours

      of the morning so I stopped. Aside from the fact that the appetite was so bad. Even though how much i try to exercise I really had a great appetite that I cannot control.

      Then someone recommended me this 7 days Brazilian Slimming Coffee, I was skeptical at first so I did some research on the internet finding my self lost up to the 10th page result of google just to see if there is one negative feedback about the product but there was none.

      So I tried, it was so different from the coffee that you make yourself because it lacks of that coffee taste. But I just tried to finish ...

      • the whole box with 12 sachets and see the effect.

        The effects were totally strange, I was always thirsty which means that I have to go to th comfort room more than the times that I do normally. I feel so thirsty and I really don’t feel hungry. I cannot taste the food that I am eating so how would be able to eat a lot if you cannot taste the food that you eat, right?

        After the first box was finished, I weighed myself and to my disappointment my weight heightened to 65kilos or 143.3lbs. Although honestly I thought that the coffee is not effective but I was still wondering why

        the thirsty feeling whole day and whole night (if i am still awake). I finished 3boxes and weighed myself again, it came down to 58kilos or 127.9lbs WITHOUT EXERCISE.

        I was really amazed because my appetite was controlled because there are times that I forgot to drink my 7 Days Brazilian Slimming Coffee and the effect was still there: thirsty and not hungry.

        My friends also told me that my skin looked brighter and was glowing. Can you just believe that? What if I did exercise? Maybe I have lost more pounds than I have ever thought.

        Caution: Before trying to drink this slimming coffee please be advised that nursing moms and pregnant women are not allowed.

    Alpha Allen Garma says :

    I want to buy the 7 days Brazilian slimming coffee, but i don’t know where to buy here in Taiwan. Can u help me?

    Galega says :

    Hi Alpha Allen, 7 days Brazilian Slimming Coffee is not easily available in the market. You can ask the company to deliver the product to your doorsteps.

    Alternatively, you can also get it through eBay (I have checked the product is available on eBay.com). Check it in your own language at eBay Taiwan website (tw.ebay.com). The coffee being sold at ebay.com is available for international shipping, so no problem even you do not find it on the taiwan website.

    This product is also available on many other popular e-commerce websites.

    Mavic says :

    Hi, How would you know if the brazillian coffee is original and will not harm your body?

    Galega says :

    Any slimming product can always lead to health problems, if not taken in a right way. The same applies with Brazilian Slimming Coffee. You should also ensure to not take it for prolong duration. If you are having any sort of medical issues, please speak to your doctor before starting it.

    beckyadams684 gmail.com says :

    I read somewhere that the tea causes fertility problems. Is it true? Are u married? Were u able to get pregnant?

    Galega says :

    There is nothing in this tea which can lead to infertility sort of things. You can take it with necessary care.

    alissa says :

    i just finished my 6 boxes of brazillian coffee and i really lose weight in fact i lost 10 kilos in 40 days. im afraid that since i do no have the coffee already and was not able to drink for 3 days now. i started to crave foods. and i am scared to gain my weight back. how can you help me?

    Galega says :

    You have already lost good amount of weight and now you must be feeling great. Now think about your past including your weight. Does it scare you?

    The craving for food is natural. There is nothing harm in that. The need is to control that urge. You will have to practice controlling the internal drive to have ‘more than sufficient’ food for few days. After some time, it will become a part of your lifestyle.

    Coming to the main point you have raised —- NO. This coffee is not going to help you after you quit taking it. Your body is now better and the coffee must have detoxified your internal organs. Why aren’t you enjoying that. I am not saying that you need to continue with the coffee, but you can continue with remaining slim and fit. It will demand little bit of practice, patience and determination.

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