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  • Like many others, I grew up loving the book Where The Wild Things Are , and though I'm not a child anymore, when I found out a movie was coming out I was genuinely intrigued
  • That being said, I think the voice over actors were miscast
  • In fact that was the issue I had with it

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      Like many others, I grew up loving the book “Where The Wild Things Are”, and though I’m not a child anymore, when I found out a movie was coming out I was genuinely intrigued. How do you turn a 10-15 page children’s picture book into a full-length movie? Well, I got my answer soon enough: you don’t. Or better yet, you shouldn’t.

      The movie starts out with a bit about Max’s homelife. Max is a rambunctious little boy and the main character of the story. He lives with his mom and sister, and seems to like acting out without much reason at all. Instantly, I found Max to be obnoxious and unlikeable. He comes off as a total brat, whereas in the book, sure, he was rambunctious, but just seemed to suffer from an overactive imagination. I still don’t quite understand what his reasons were for behaving how

      he did with his mother and sister. At one point he actually bites his mom. Seriously? He looks to be about ten years-old, which is well old enough to know that biting is not acceptable under any circumstances.

      I almost turned the movie off right there, but I was curious to see the “wild things”. My first instinct would’ve saved me some time. Going back to the book, the “wild things” didn’t really have a voice. Their adventures with Max were mostly just illustrated and narrated. To be honest, I never imagined them speaking. But I guess they couldn’t do a full-length movie with mute “wild things”, so I can see the bind they were in. That being said, I think the voice over actors were miscast. They include James Gandolfini, Chris Cooper, Forest Whitaker, and Catherine O’Hara. Catherine O’Hara did a good job considering the material she ...

      • had to work with, and I found her “wild thing” character to be the most entertaining and the only one that kept the mood halfway light. James Gandolfini is really the one that threw me. If his character would’ve been consistently nice, I probably wouldn’t have cared. When he starts to turn on Max, it was a little too unsettling for a children’s movie. In fact that was the issue I had with it. There were too many ominous moments and it felt sort of heavy at times. I could see it being pretty scary for young kids, and considering the book targets very small children, it just felt wrong to go in that direction. There were way too many mean-spirited moments among the “wild things”. Sure, ok, I guess they’re supposed to be monsters of a sort, but they were all pretty unlikeable, whereas in the book
        they were fun and fairly civil.

        Most of the movie was pretty pointless. Even though I’m grown up, I can usually appreciate children’s movies when they are well done. I almost found the movie depressing, if I had cared enough about any of the characters. I don’t know why it wasn’t just made with a sense of fun and whimsy, as the book was. Even the end was a little confusing. In the book, of course, Max had imagined the whole incident. He’d never left his bedroom. But in the movie, I honestly don’t know if he imagined it or not. If it was meant to be real, I find it all the more unsettling. In the end, Max didn’t even necessarily seem like he learned a lesson so much as had his spirit broken. It was pretty much just a downer, and ruined an all time children’s classic.

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