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  • However,recently,he started a contest for kids
  • The costume design for the oompa loompas were also great
  • My favorite one was Ive Got A Golden Ticket which grandpa Joe sung when he learned Charlie won the golden ticket

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      Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a 1971 family musical film.It stars the actor Gene Wilder.It is about an eccentric candy factory owner named Willy Wonka.Willy Wonka hasn’t opened his factory in many years.However,recently,he started a contest for kids.In the contest, a kid who gets a golden ticket in a Willy Wonka candy bar would win a free trip to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.5 children eventually win the contest.First,there is a fat German boy that loves candy named Augustus Gloop.There is a rich spoiled girl named Veruca Salt,Mike Teevee, a child obsessed with tv and Violet Beauregarde who loves chewing gum.The fifth child is a poor boy named Charlie Bucket,He couldn’t afford a lot of Willy Wonka chocolate bars.However,after opening about 3 of them he finds the golden ticket.There is a man named Slugworth who is a candy maker competitor to Wonka.He offers the kids a large sum of money if they can get from Wonka a type of candy called an everlasting gobstopper.All of the kids need chaperons for the candy factory. Charlie just has a mother and no father..His mother is busy doing chores around the house and has no time to take him.However,Charlie’s grandfather Joe wants to take Charlie to the factory.He had been previously bedridden for many years.

      However,he was finally able to

      get out of bed after he learned that Charlie won the Willy Wonka candy contest.At the factory,Willy Wonka has the kids and thier parents sign a contract for safety.He then shows everyone a meadow made of candy where thay all see strange creatures called oompa loompas.Oompa Loompas are little green men who work for Willy Wonka.During the tour,some of the kids begin to misbehave.Augustus Gloop drinks out of a candy river despite Wonka telling him not too.He then falls into the candy river and gets sucked up a pipe for extracting chocolate.Violet inflates like a balloon after trying special gum that Willy Wonka told her to chew.Veruca then falls through a garbage shaft in a room with magic golden eggs after begging for golden eggs.Mike is shrunk down to size after a magic ray shrinks him.The magic ray was used to shrink giant candy bars and Mike got in front of it after thinking it would get him on tv.Only Charlie and his grandfather remain at the end of the tour.However,they also did something bad.They drank experimental fizzy drinks which made them float upwards.

      However,they came close to getting chopped up in a fan high in the sealing.They are able to get themselves down by burping.They think they got away with it.However at the end of the tour Willy Wonka ...

      • confronts them about drinking the fizzy drinks.He is very angry about this and tells Charlie that he will not get his lifetime supply of chocolate as a prize.Charlie feels bad about this.Before he leaves,he gives Willy a gobstopper he took.He was going to give it to slugworth.Willy Wonka then reveals to the two that Charlie passed a special test.Slugworth was really an employee of Wonka.Asking the kids for a gobstopper was a morality test.Charlie passed it by not giving him the gobstopper.Wonka then reveals that he was looking for a heir for his candy factory.Since Charlie passed the morality test,Wonka felt Charlie was a perfect candidate for a heir.

        Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was a wonderful family film.It has a lot of strong musical elements as well as a great plot.It is about having morals in your life.Some of the characters are illustrative of this.Augustus is an overweight child who needs to eat less junk food.Veruca Salt is a rich,spoiled girl who has material possessions and Mike Teevee is a kid who watches too much television.After disobeying Willy Wonka bad things happen to each child like blowing up like a balloon.This is symbolic of how some times naughty children make bad choices.After each thing happens to a child,oomppa loompas sing a song about what happens when you

        are naughty.The movie has wonderful acting as well as great visuals for 1971.The candy meadow we view in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory looks very real.It was visually pleasing with a realistic looking chocolate river.The costume design for the oompa loompas were also great.They just didn’t look like regular men with makeup on.

        They actually looked like strange humanoid beings.I loved all the songs in the movie.They were brilliantly created.My favorite one was “Ive Got A Golden Ticket” which grandpa Joe sung when he learned Charlie won the golden ticket.It was a energetic song about the pleasures of life. I also loved the song “Pure Imagination” that Wonka song while the kids were in the factory.It was a whimsical song about candy and sweets. It was also about the wonders of life and enjoying life to the fullest.There are a few characters I really liked in the film.One was Charlie Bucket.He was a gentle and unselfish boy that was concerned with helping his family.While his mom worked hard everyday just to get by,he ran a paper route to help the family out.Also he generally values the simple things in life.Since he is a poor boy,he can only afford to buy 2 or three Willy Wonka Candy bars and was grateful for every last one.Other more wealthy children might be satisfied with 12 instead of just two.

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