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  • I bought a few spot correctors however they were just that I did not want to spend a lot each time I needed to use them
  • I decided to use DDF Benzoyl Peroxide Gel 5% Acne Treatment when a friend recommended it to me
  • I think it only eliminates the acne and that's it

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      I have purchased a few spot correctors before because of growing acne spots and blackheads frequently. I bought a few spot correctors however they were just that I did not want to spend a lot each time I needed to use them. I decided to use DDF Benzoyl Peroxide Gel 5% Acne Treatment when a friend recommended it to me.

      I bought DDF Benzoyl Peroxide Gel 5% Acne Treatment at a local drugstore for a price of $10 which I found a little cheaper than Duac Gel. However, it is was a bit smaller because it was just a small tube which might last for only two weeks. But I did try it anyway, since I was a little frustrated with the last acne treatment I tried.

      DDF Benzoyl Peroxide Gel 5% Acne Treatment is a treatment which, obviously, is made to cure acne spots if you only have a few of them. This is best if you have horrible acne which are spread only in certain areas, or if you have a few of them you’d like to get rid of, instead of massive amounts of acne spread in so many parts. This is one of those spot correctors available in the market, and because of the ingredients here, it is a medicated acne solution. As mentioned, I tried this product because it was cheaper than the others in the market, though it is smaller in size.

      DDF Benzoyl Peroxide Gel 5%

      Acne Treatment is in cream form - you will see it is in white color, and has a texture that feels a little oily. It does not have a horrible smell - it smells like a common medicine but it is not strong and horrible. The treatment is made for all skin types, and for all acne types, even if you have severe acne. I was having some severe acne back then when I tried it.

      The first thing you will notice when you apply it on your face is that burning, stingy feeling you will get when it gets into contact with your acne. It contains 5% Benzoyl Peroxide, so you better make sure not to spread it generously on your face or else you will get that painful, ‘piercing’ feeling as if your acne were being attacked. But it will only last for awhile so don’t worry. What I’d do was, wash my face at night and then apply it 30 minutes before applying a toner. I did this because it would actually leave a thin oily film and because I wanted to allot enough time before it gets absorbed. It actually gets absorbed a little slower because it is a little oily, but not as oily as Duac Gel. As mentioned, you will feel a sting when you apply it on open acne, and that’s okay because it is only for awhile and it will soon subside.

      Just like many spot ...

      • correctors I used, it did work almost instantly. The next day I can see a dramatic reduction of acne spots. Severe ones need time to be treated, but at least their redness was getting lighter and the pus was also going away.

        I don’t remember getting any bleeding acne because of the sting. Though the sting was there, that’s only because of the BP content. You need to apply a small amount because it is concentrated, but if you apply it correctly it will really cure your pimples. It is especially good for small pimples, old and new, and big ones need time to be treated, too. But at the end of the day it did work at eliminating the acne.

        The tube lasted less than 2 months, and it took me 6 weeks before the horrible spots went away. It may not be as instant as I hoped because of the rave reviews I read about it, but at least it did not give me horrible breakouts. It would leave some thin films behind which was not actually new to me, but it was actually manageable because I can wash them away after that. It did not increase my sensitivity to the sun, and it also did not cause any stains. It feels painful when it got into contact with my acne spots, but at least it did not cause any bleeding, swelling and other complications. In fact, it only made them dry,

        and nothing else.

        However, it is smaller than the other acne treatments I used. As mentioned, it did not last a whole year. It might last 2 months but it depends on how much you apply. It is a little oily so you need to apply it minutes before sleeping to wipe off any excess. But I can say it is a good acne solution not only because it cleared the acne but because it helped prevent future breakouts as well. I rarely got large breakouts after using it, but I had to discontinue using the product because it was too expensive, as I said.

        It does dry up the skin a little bit because of the BP and it sticks to the facial hair if you have them. It can get rid of the acne, but it does not soften it up nor dies it exfoliate. I think it only eliminates the acne and that’s it. Which was good because at least it does what it claimed, and it was not exaggerated. It is just like many other medications available in the market, but as mentioned, it is much tougher than a lot of others I used, which was just all right with me. Besides, it lasted a long time, way after I eliminated my acne, which was good, of course.

        All in all, though, I find it a good product to use if you want instant results - it does what it should.

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