Braid (Game/XBL)
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  • The best part about a lot of these indie games is that they are made with a lot of passion

    • by Redeyedfacade

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      The indie game development scene has come a long way in the last few years, especially with networks like Steam, Playstation Network, and XBox Live Arcade gaining steam in the industry. Indie developers now seem to have more resources at their disposal, and an easier means of taking their product and bringing it to market without having to have a huge publishers stick their fingers in the pie. The best part about a lot of these indie games is that they are made with a lot of passion. Without all the big publishing issues to worry about (sales figures, marketability), indie developers are making games that have as much soul as any games in history. This genesis in game development is routinely churning out games that are not only entertaining, but touching on a fundamental level, offering up experiences that are made to not only challenge your head, but your heart as well. Among the absolute finest examples of this kind of game is Braid, a two dimensional time manipulation based puzzle game. The art style is very creative, with a lot of muted colors,

      and a lot of visually impressive areas. The gameplay is among the most challenging and gratifying the modern gaming scene has ever seen, with puzzles that are never impossible to figure out, but always hard enough to keep your attention. The overall feel of the game is that of desperation, as the main character works to find his lost love. the full package this game offers is one that most downloadable games could never dream to match, as well as many console games as well.

      the art style is really nice, with a lot of colorful things happening on the screen at once. There is this very distinct story book style to its art that is very freshing compared to a lot of the gritty realism that has permeated all aspects of the industry. The best part about the art style is how well it works with the rest of the game, it feels like the art of the game is a character in and of itself. There is this muted, almost understated feel to the artwork that keeps in line with the almost slightly depressing undertones ...

      • of the game itself. The art style in this game is simply one that has to be experienced, it truly is one of the all time greats in this regard.

        The gameplay is a lot of fun, and I normally hate puzzle games. The point of every level is to get a key to a door, and use the key to move on. This is an easy task at first, but soon you find yourself in levels that manipulate time as you move through them, which leads to a whole new layer of puzzle solving that needs to be done in order to move on. By the end of the game, the time manipulation aspect plays a huge role, and leads to some of the most difficult puzzles i have ever experienced in a game. I mean, granted I don’t play the genre very much, but the puzzles in this game are so much fun to do that I would almost rethink my stance on the whole genre.

        The feel of the game is a bit dark, which is strange considering the very story book feel of the

        art work. You are a man looking for his love, but he never seems to find her. Despite this, he keeps on going as though none of this time manipulation matters in the hope that it will all pay off in the end. You find notes here and there that give you a better idea of the story, and every so often you will find someone else at the end of the game world. The undertones in this game are incredibly strong, so much stronger than most games. The fact that it is a small 2d puzzle game that pulls this off makes it all the more impressive.

        I am not a fan of puzzlers, I make no secret of that, but Braid is among the most brilliant games I have ever played. The gameplay is fantastics, but the undertones are so powerful that it becomes the main focus of the game. The fact that it was made on a small budget, yet somehow manages to be more touching than the biggest blockbuster games of our time, really goes to show just how well the game was made.

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