Mass Effect (Game/360)
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  • The side stories though are much more boring
  • The one main problem with the weapons, and the equipment as well, is that there is just too many upgrades and new equipment to keep up with, most of which the exact same as other equipment just with better stats

    • by Redeyedfacade

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      Role playing games have gone all actiony, there is no way of getting around this. Most of today’s western role playing games have as strong an action element as they do a role playing element, and while this isn’t not necessarily a bad thing, I do miss the days when role playing games played more tactically. One of the more prevalent action intrusions into the role playing world these days is the shooter mechanic, where role playing games stick guns into the mix to allow you to play it like an action game. I would like this a bit more if it didn’t seem like every game these days seems to be sticking guns into the mix, but I guess it is what it is. Among the games most well known for putting guns and gunplay into the role playing mix is Mass Effect. Mass Effect is a game with a bit more story than I need, with tons of back story and side

      stories to shuffle through. The main story, however, is pretty decent, and the voice acting is good. The gameplay is fun, as it sticks to mostly third person shooter style controls with a cover system. The customization is a bit much, though, and often incorporates far too many different pieces of equipment and upgrades to want to keep up with all of them for all of your characters. The feel of the game is pretty decent as well, offering up really nice looking and distinct areas to explore around in.

      The main story in this game is decent, it follows a soldier of your creation working his way up the ranks in space, and fighting an mysterious evil force trying to kill all life in the universe. The story takes the requisite twists and turns, and has a really cool political aspect as people from Earth are seen as mostly inferior in the eyes of the other races.

      The side stories though are much more boring.

      • Everyone seems to have some long melodramatic back story, and mostly all of them are as boring as stories get. If they weren’t necessary for progressing through parts of the game, I would have skipped them all altogether. I don’t see the point in sticking stories into your game if you are not going to write them all that well, especially when the game is story centric.

        The gameplay is mostly third person shooter. You run around, aim your weapon, and take cover just like you would in a game like gears of War. The difference being that all your weapons have stats and upgradeable slots, and none of the guns feel particularly punchy or powerful. I always felt like I was shooting lint at enemies, as most of the guns are just unsatisfying to shoot. The one main problem with the weapons, and the equipment as well, is that there is just too many upgrades and new equipment to keep up with, most of

        which the exact same as other equipment just with better stats. Marry this with the fact that you have to keep up with this stuff with everyone in your party, and it means I spent a lot more time than I liked in menus.

        The game looks great, despite the graphical hiccups that pop in every now and again. The ships look fantastic, as do all the space based and ground based environments. the only real issue there is that they can feel a little sterile because of how clean they look. nothing really feels like it has been lived in, which makes for a weird disconnect.

        All in all, I liked this game. I didn’t think it was great, but it offered up a fair amount of entertainment, and i can’t fault it for that. however, I do feel like I would have liked it more if it were a bit more streamlined, and a bit less action oriented, but I liked it none the less.

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