Las Vegas Nights: Temptations in the City
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  • I find these kind of games interesting since it really kills hours when I have nothing to do, I'm bored, or when I'm waiting
  • I really loved and enjoyed playing this game
  • But it became boring for me later on as the steps became more difficult to do
  • One of the things that I don't like is when I have to increase something just so I can talk to someone

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      I became fascinated with Gameloft’s Sims-like games when I started to play New York Nights. Las Vegas Nights is another mobile role-playing game from Gameloft which I play in my Nokia phone. I find these kind of games interesting since it really kills hours when I have nothing to do, I’m bored, or when I’m waiting. I also learned a lot about Vegas through this game. It educates me about Vegas. This game clearly reflects the lifestyle of the people in Las Vegas. It reflects real people’s socializing, making friends, career, love, and fame.

      I really loved and enjoyed playing this game.

      In each scene or scenario like from the start of the game or when shifting to different places, there are trivias about Las Vegas showed on the screen such as “filing for divorce costs about $450 in Nevada”. This game allows me to choose my character’s looks. I can also choose random

      looks and that’s what I do the most. The game chooses for me and it creates really gorgeous character looks. The game like the other Nights Games of Gameloft starts with my character’s dream.

      In Las Vegas Nights, my character first dream about winning in the casino, being rich, having a rich boyfriend, and enjoying the lifestyle of wealthy people in Vegas. But then it’s all just a dream, my character is suddenly woken up by a hotel room boy. This is like the orientation part. This is where the characters are being educated on what keys to use, how to play the game, and information about the game. It also has the feature of taking a bath, applying make up and styling hair, which all increases sex appeal and makes my character into a new higher level. There is a mobile phone icon at the bottom of the screen and that’s to remind

      me all of my missions, my statuses, and my contacts.

      As I go through the game, there is this Josh character who is a very popular and wealthy party boy. And then my character says she’ll do anything to get a guy like that. She later on meets that guy and dates him. My first mission was to get a job at The Club. Of course I have to befriend anyone I meet to get what I want and that requires talking to them. The game allows me to choose what topics to talk about and there are hints of what the characters I’m talking to like to talk about.

      I also rented a crappy room at first but later on moved to the Neo Room when I made more dollars. I am so bored at the parts where I have to do my jobs. My character first worked as a flyer distributor. It ...

      • Las Vegas Nights: Temptations in the City
      took me some time to get the hang of it. At first I couldn’t distribute the flyers right but I got the right timing now. I like that my character can urinate in the palm tress and in the posts.

      And then I got another job as a dancer in The Club. At first it was so exciting for me and I loved to do it. But it became boring for me later on as the steps became more difficult to do. I hated it but my character badly needs money so I have to do it. Of course, my character was not satisfied with her dancing job too. So that’s how she went to the crazy homeless guy who claims to be a poker coach and help her to make her dreams come true.

      This man is The Master who will help my character earn more money, stable career, and fame. One of

      the things that I don’t like is when I have to increase something just so I can talk to someone. Like when The Master arranged a date for me, I can’t talk to my date just because I lack Humor so I have to increase that first. But anyway, it’s a game so that’s just okay. The game has some cool streets I can walk on to, so many cute guys to choose to date, prestigious clubs, hotels, a pawn shop, casinos, Grand Canyon, restaurants, a beauty salon, and a wedding chapel. The ending is good.

      I got the job of being an Elvis Presley impersonator which made me earn so much more dollars, twice my earnings from being a dancer. Finishing the game is the most exciting part. I’m the one who chose who to marry and I got a penthouse. It’s a really enjoyable and exciting game like the other Gameloft games. It’s one of my favorites.

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