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  • I recommend it to anyone interested in a fantasy game with other real players
  • Upon completion of the quest, you get special items and experience

    • by Deuce

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      Runescape is like no other Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). I have played for three years now and I still love it. I recommend it to anyone interested in a fantasy game with other real players. What’s good too is that it is doesn’t needed to be downloaded and it is free. In Runescape you can do almost anything that you think a warrior, magician, or ranger can do.

      Runescape is filled with skills like fishing, mining, woodcutting, smelting, firemaking, and cooking. So if you play and don’t like to fight, you should spend your time with one of the skills. If you use

      skills instead of combat, I recommend cooking, as it is a good skill for making money.

      In Runescape there is a place called the Grand Exchange where you may trade with other players within Runescape. You can trade items you have found or money that you have earned. Runescape also has quests you can complete, either solo or with friends. Upon completion of the quest, you get special items and experience.

      In Runescape there are things like castle wars where you fight with other players on your team and fight another team with different players. Then there are clan wars where you join a ...

      • clan and go into battle or do missions with them.

        When you play Runescape it’s not just playing to complete levels, you can also chat. In Runescape, players can become friends in real life and interact through their Runescape characters. While playing, you can talk about your interests outside of Runescape. Runescape can become a social gathering point for you and your friends.

        To keep it fresh Jagex, the owners of Runescape, add events for holidays or to keep the people happy. The events Jagex puts in can be done solo or with friends, and for participating in the events you get special items

        and money.

        Jagex often picks people to become “player moderators”. Moderators have the authority to ban someone if they break Runescape rules, but they also have the obligation to help new players. If asked to be a moderator, it is a great responsibility, but a worthwhile calling.

        I really recommend as a great play experience. You start with nothing except your character and work to build a life for him or her. A great tip is to find a friend who can help you in this virtual world. They can teach you about the Runescape world and trade with you.

    Dave says :

    I have been playing Runescape on and off for five years, and I always go back to it after a break. There is no other MMORPG like it. There is no end game and always something new and interesting to do or see. The world is very large indeed and updates are every few days. Excellent game by and excellent company.
    Jake Stevens says :

    While the world is large, the game itself is very laborious. The entirety of the game revolves around, left click this, left click that, left click this, maybe right click once in a while from fishing to mining, from combat to crafting, all of it is very basic. This isn’t hard to imagine, as it is a game based entirely off of Java, a language not meant to produce the most powerful of games.

    As for the world being large, this is exclusive only to members, as the Free2Play worlds are limited to a handful of towns, dungeons, and quests. Even the items are limited to your account status (regardless of in-game status).

    With the recent release of the “Evolution of Combat”, this game has just become another online multiplayer clone like many before it, except it doesn’t even make up for this with a fantastic graphics engine, as it still runs browser-based off of Java.

    All and all, this game was cool in 1998, as there weren’t many if at all any online games at the time. But Runescape is far beyond its prime.
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