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  • He is strange around woman, and the girl at work who has a crush on him is left standing in the street alone after he literally runs from her to avoid communication with her

    • by Susanna Frank

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      The 2007 film, “Lars and the Real Girl”, started off by seeming to be a story about an socially awkward man who decides he wants love in the form of a doll. Just a little creepy was Ryan Gosling, who played Lars, and ordering a doll online in order to find a woman to love. It seemed as though this film would be nothing more than a strange man who had a fetish with dolls. But honestly, everyone should watch this film at least once, the emotion behind Lars and his connection to the doll, Bianca, is really something that everyone should witness. The movie had depth, and that was something I wasn’t really expecting.

      So Lars lives in the garage (converted to an apartment) of his childhood home that his older brother and wife now occupy. He doesn’t like conversing with people, especially woman, even though his

      sister in law tries to get him over for dinner on numerous occasions. He is strange around woman, and the girl at work who has a crush on him is left standing in the street alone after he literally runs from her to avoid communication with her. After hearing about a doll ordering service from a friend he shares a cubicle with, he decides to go ahead and order one for himself. It’s the perfect woman, and they can be created any way that the consumer wants. It’s a life size doll that can be created into the perfect woman basically, or at least that’s what the website for RealDolls says. When he introduces her to his brother and sister in law, they think he is crazy, he has conversations with her, sits her at the table to eat dinner with them, and creates this entire family history on ...

      • her. After taking Bianca to the doctor, which was a cover for Lars really needing to see the doctor, the doctor concludes that he is suffering from delusions. And that right now, he needs the doll to be real, so she is, when he doesn’t need it anymore, it will all go away.

        The entire town aides Lars in this journey, using Bianca for charity work at the hospitals so the children could see her, using her as a model in stores for clothes and so much more. They all make it so she is real, all the while, Lars transcended his emotions and feelings about things onto the doll, and eventually made it so Bianca was dying of a disease. He then made it that she was asking him to finish her off so she wouldn’t have to suffer, and drowned her in the lake, and with that, his

        social problems and feelings towards intimacy with a woman.

        This film portrayed so much in depth emotion about how Lars felt towards woman and social situations in general. He wasn’t a bad guy, or necessarily crazy, he was sweet and friendly and would never hurt anyone. He simply had a lot of built of problems that needed some tender guidance to get through, and of course Bianca to help him get through that gap in his life. In the end Lars asks the girl from work who likes him to go out with him, and with the help of the town he has come out from the haze that clouded him into thinking Bianca was real. There was so much emotion from Lars that it was hard to not really get involved with his character and want to find out why it is he thinks Bianca is a real person.

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