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  • Players who prefer to go Rambo in DOTA will have a way lesser chance of winning compared to a team that fully coordinates their attacks and assaults

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      Defense Of The Ancients (PC)

      Defense of the Ancients, or mostly called DotA, is a custom scenario for the real-time strategy game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. The objective of the scenario is for each team to destroy the opposing teams base by destroying their “Ancient”. Pick any hero, each with their own unique skills and abilities. Level up your hero and use gold to buy equipments to assist your team.

      Defense of the Ancients is one of the most played video games ever. Period. There is no doubt about it.And there are two reasons.

      One: Its Unique. Its originality pulls gamers interests.

      Second: Availability. It is free.

      All you have to do is

      purchase Warcraft: Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne and you are ready to go. DOTA maps can be downloaded freely in the internet.

      Custom games now a days tend to really gather more players due to its unqines and this game is no exception. Games like counter-strike, which happens to be a custom game from Half-Life, became a mega hit to gamers.And DOTA is giving it a run for its money.

      Two teams of players can choose which side to choose from, the Sentinel or the Scourge. The game itself has its own lore, thus thios adds depth to the game.

      Sentinel team are located at the southwest corner of the map, and the the Scourge team are stationed at the northeast ...

      • corner. Each base is heavily guarded. You will be engaging and evading powerful Towers and waves of units.

        And deep within each base is the “Ancient”. Destroying this ensures a victory!

        The gameplay is easy to learn, but very hard to master. You have to be a great team player. Each Hero has a specific role and it is up to you to fully understand its skills and capabilities. You can also purchase items with the gold you earn from killing opposing units or heroes to strengthen your hero.

        Each Item has its own stats and abilities, so picking the right item for your hero will drastically change the outcome of the battle.

        You have to fully coordinate attacks with your teammates

        to effectively kill enemy heroes. There is no “I” in this game. Players who prefer to go “Rambo” in DOTA will have a way lesser chance of winning compared to a team that fully coordinates their attacks and assaults.

        There is so much to learn in this game. From hero builds and item guides and the use of the Fog Of War, this game will keep you busy. Gather your friends and enjoy this game. I recommend it!

        Pros: Great and original Gameplay.

        So much to learn.

        Cons: If your team doesn’t cooperate together, you will surely lose.

        Should I play this game?

        Of course! Its free once you got Warcraft: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne.

        And the gameplay is great! Just don’t play it alone. Multi-Player is its sole purpose!

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