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  • However,they soon discover taht he is dark heart
  • At the end,Darkheart becomes a real boy and happy about it

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      Carebears 2 the new generation is a 1986 kids drama film.It is the sequal to the 1985 care bears movie.It starts off with a purple horse and a yellow bear looking after small baby animals.These animals are called the Care Bears and the Care bear cousins.Later they are attacked by a large dragon like creature.The dragon is a form of a demonic entity known as dark heart.Fortunately,the purple horse and yellow bear are able to escape the dragon creature.Later a star like entity in the sky recognizes thier bravery and gives grants them the caretakers of the care bears and care bear cousins.The horse and the bear are known as true heart bear and noble heart horse.They are also in charge for solving problems on earth and showing people how to care.Later,they decide to help a group of misfit kids on earth.There is a girl named Christy, and two twins.One twin is a girl named Dawn and another named John.The kids have low self esteem because they dont have good athletic skills at a summer camp.They are always beaten in camp events like swiming.Later they decide to run away from camp because they are embarressed by thier ability at sports.True Heart and Noble Heart come to earth to help the kids have self confidence about themselves.

      They eventually find John and Dawn and invite them to thIer kingdom in the clouds.They need some people to watch the care bear and care bear cousin babies because they need to find some way to defeat dark heart.They return to earth while John and Dawn take care of the babies.While this is happening,Christy meets dark heart in the woods.Dark Heart takes up the form of a young boy with red hair.he persuades Christy that he could grant her great athletic

      abilities to be popular at camp.He tells her he just needs a small favor later.She agrees and soon,she is really good at sports. Later the care bears and care bear cousins grow up into adults.After awhile,dark heart manages to find them and passes himself off as their friend in his boy for.However,they soon discover taht he is dark heart.Luckily,the care bears are able to drive him away by using special powers.

      Later, dark heart meets Christy again.He tells her he is really evil and now needs her help to capture the care bears.She is hesitant at first because she is aware he is evil.However,she agrees to help dark heart when he threatens to take her athletic abilities away.Soon after this,they are able to trick care bears into coming near them so they can get captured.The care bears think that Christy is being held prisoner by Dark Heart.However,they soon discover otherwise and end up being captured.In addition to capturing Care Bears,dark heart’s eveil powers start influencng kids at camp.The kids start destroying the forest and make the camp a mess.Later Dark Heart is able to capure all the Care Bears and puts them in a prison.John and Dawn learn about this and inform True Heart and Noble Heart.They eventually recruit Christy to help them.Christy is guilty about what she has done and goes to help.Soon,Dark Heart traps the care bears into small crystals.True Heart and Noble Heart engage in battle with dark heart.Christy tries to protect them.In the process,she frees the care bears from the crystals but gets attacked by dark heart’s powers by mistake.She dies in the process.Dark Heart feels guilty about what he has done and asks the care bears to help revive her.The Care Bears and Dark Heart chant we care multiple times.This is the only way ...

      • to save Christy.By doing this Christy comes back alive and dark heart becomes a normal human boy.Because of his concern for Christy is demon form was destroyed and he is now a normal child.

        Care Bears is a relatively fun film for kids.The characters are all likable and the villain,Darkheart is relatively non threatening.For most of the film,he takes the form of a boy with red hair instead of scary monster like forms.Also,he becomes good at the end which is nice since Care Bears is a child friendly film.It would be kind of harsh to have Darkheart be killed. The rest of the characters are likable.Brave Heart and Noble heart are kind and gentle characters concerned about helping others and being the care takers of the care bear children.They are good role models for kids who watch the film.They also have cute,furry designs that will appeal to kids.The kids,John,Christy and Dawn are likable. Dawn and John are friendly characters who are more concerned about friendship and being yourself rather than being popular kids.They are also good role models for viewers.Christy can be hard to like sometimes.She does eventually team up with Dark Heart.However,she only does it so she can become better at doing sports at camp.She has an emotional need for acceptance by the other more athletic kids.At the end,she does redeem herself by turning against Dark Heart so she is good person at heart.While the film has wholesome characters,the plot is a bit weak.For one thing,we are not given a history of dark heart.He just suddenly pops out of nowhere in the beginning of the film.We are not given much character development for him.He is just some strange shapeshifting entity.Also,when Christy turns against Dark Heart to help the care bears,it really dosen’t make any sense.

        Through much of

        the film she hasn’t even met the care bears or their caretakers.It dosen’t really make sense why she is against capturing Care Bears with Darkheart when she didn’t know they existed.She only meets them druing the very end of the film.Also,thier is a scene in which Dark Heart is drowning in water in his human form and is rescued by Christy.Christy helps him because she believes in helping others no matter how bad they are.This is a good idea for the movie.However,it dosen’t make sense that Dark Heart can drown since it is established he is a demonic shapeshifter.Why would he allow himself to drown in a human form?There is one specific thing I am really confused about in the movie.When the care bear and care bear cousins grow into adults,the kids,Christy,John and Dawn stay the same age.This does not make sense.The movie could have explained why this happened.

        Perhand is happy about it.He claims he has always desired this.This desire isn’t really established throughout the film.Dark Heart would usually talk ps care bears grow quicker than humans?However,the movie gives no explanation.Finally there is something about the ending that bothers me.At the end,Darkheart becomes a real boy and happy about it.He claims he has always desired this.This desire isn’t really established throughout the film.Dark Heart would usually be concerned about conquering earth or capturing care bears.He never said anything about wanting to become a human boy.The plot element with him become a human boy was just thrown in at the last moment.This seemed like a bit of lazy writing to me.Despite the flaws in the film I listed earlier,the film isn’t that bad considering it was mostly made to entertain young kids. Kids would probably overlook some of the flaws I listed and be entertained by pretty animation,and the cute Care Bear characters.

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