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  • Unfortunately,Ned finds out that the school Dewey works at has contacted him
  • One of the best things I liked about the movie was the ending

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      School of Rock is a 2003 comedy film starring Jack Black who plays a man,Dewey Finn.It is about a man,Dewey Finn who is a rock guitar player.He has recently been kicked out of his band for doing too many foolish antics on stage like diving into crowds and sloppy playing.Soon his roommate,Ned, is thinking of kicking him out his apartment for not paying rent.Not that Ned has been kicked out of his band,he has no way of paying back his rent.In desperation,he poses as a substitute teacher in an elementary school to make money.He is able to do this because Ned is a substitute teacher.The school that wants Ned for a job called his house.Dewey’s attempts at being a substitute teacher actually work.At first he decides not to teach his class anything since he isn’t really a teacher.However,one day,he sees the students performing in music class.They have a large amount of skill in their instruments.This prompts Dewey to enter the kids in the battle of the bands,hoping to make a large sum of money and pay his rent.He devotes a large amount of class time to teaching students about rock and giving them new instruments to play.

      This includes guitars,electric bases and a keyboard.The kids

      include a feminine,fashion inclined boy,a drummer with a punk hairstyle and an antisocial but intelligent asian boy..Dewey spends day after day, having the kids prepare for the battle of the bands performance.he lies to them,telling them that they are forming a band for a big school project.Everything goes according to plan and the kids are almost ready to perform in the battle of the bands.Unfortunately,Ned finds out that the school Dewey works at has contacted him.Dewey confesses to Ned hoping that Ned won’t tell due to their friendship.Ned eventually tells his girlfriend and Dewey is exposed as a fraud at the school and then fired.Despite being lied to,the kids still decide to perform at the battle of the bands since they put so much effort into preparation.They find out where Dewey lives and gets him to perform with them on stage.They give an outstanding performance but they lose to Dewey;s former band.However,the audience loves them so much that they ask them to perform again.After this,Dewey opens up an after school program for kids teaching them guitar and rock music.

      School of Rock is a funny and relatively non serious comedy film.It is essentially about a guy faking to be a substitute teacher to make extra money.The ...

      • gy,Dewey,also wants to turn the elementary school students into a band to make battle of the bands.Despite being non serious,the movie does have some dramatic moment is when Dewey is convincing a young black girl to be a singer in the school band. She has self- esteem issues because she thinks she is fat.Dewey assures her that she is an excellent singer and should be proud of the way she looks.Another dramatic moment was when Jack realized that an Asian kid had a gift for playing the keyboard.At first,the Asian boy didn’t want to be in the band because he thought he wasn’t cool.However, Dewey was able to convince the boy that he was cool in his very own way and shouldn’t worry about what other people think.

        It is moments like this in the film that give it some substance rather than being just about comedy.The comedy elements in the film were pretty good though.A funny running gag was how Jack Black kept lecturing the kids about the “man” and corporate establishment.He kept telling them that they should rebel against the “man”.The funny thing about this was that this was a way for Dewey to express his emotional stress that he

        had.He recently got fired from his band and his about to get evicted from his apartment.He just wants to start blaming other people for their problems.I also liked how the film had a generally wacky premise.As I stated earlier it was mostly just about a guy impersonating a substitute teacher.The fact that he is able to get away with making a rock band out of the school class isn’t really realistic.That sort of thing would never happen in real life.Also,it is not realistic how the kids decide to perform in the battle of the bands even after Dewey lied to them.However,these elements gave them film a nice comedy edge.

        Jack Black is great as Dewey.he plays an exaggerated version of himself.He has a cocky attitude and is a big fan of rock and roll.I also like the child actors in the film.They were good.They played their parts very well.The asian boy was good at playing a shy,social outcast.One of the best things I liked about the movie was the ending.Dewey’s school band lost.However,they didn’t care that much and was happy just to perform.This is a good message about being musician.Sometimes,it is not always about getting a lot of fans and making lots of money.Bieng a musician should be about enjoying playing music.

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