Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Nintendo wii)
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  • My problem about Shattered memories is the combat
  • If you aren't, i suggest you rent it instead

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      Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Nintendo Wii

      Take on the role of Harry Mason, who wakes up from a car crash to find his 7-year-old daughter, Cheryl, has gone missing. You are equipped with a cell phone which you can use to check the map via GPS, receive text- and audio-messages, take pictures and dial numbers. You must find your daughter and figure a way out of this nightmarish icy world.

      The first Silent Hill game, which came out of the first Playstation, really scared the pants off me. From creepy visuals, eerie backgrounds and frightful sounds this was the game that got everyone attention back then. But Shattered Memories, to me, is less than a carbon copy of the first. Shattered Memories is a re-imaging of the first game. So you will encounter some plot twists and change of characters as

      you go progress in this game. I wanna know why they did that. How could they!? The original story was great. Shattered Memories new twist on the storyline might turn off players. And it did to me!

      The gameplay is way different from the first. In the first Silent Hill you get to hear if a monster is nearby from static sounds created from a hand-held radio. In Shattered Memories, the background twists and changes. What was once a desolated town has suddenly turned into an icy nightmarish realm. And when that happens you have to look for a way out. Fast! This is when you “enter” a Nightmare.

      My problem about Shattered memories is the combat. Cause there is no combat in this game, my friend! When you encounter any of those skinless abominations during a Nightmare, you have to run!

      • There are no guns, knives, bats or even a crowbar to help you defend yourself. You cant even use your own fists! Now this may seem fine to others, cause this gives players the feeling of being helpless in a nightmarish world. But I’m the kind of player that prefers to bash enemies with a steel bar rather than run.

        The monsters are relentless. Once they see they will stop at nothing to get you.

        There as some hiding spots that can help, but eventually they will zero-in on you, so you gotta move and think fast. You will be dashing forward, frantically looking for an “exit” from the Nightmare. And once they grab on to you, you have to shake the Wii remote to shove them off and suddenly run for your life again. You do get to use a

        flare to ward them off you, but this wont last long, so you have to use this on the right time.

        You actions during the game will affect your ending. Their are numerous endings in this game, so this provides more replay and variety. Sounds exciting to some, but for others its irritatingly annoying!

        All in all this game is good, but it just isn’t good enough to beat the first Silent Hill. If Shattered Memories had a combat system, its rating could have been higher.

        Pros: Great sounds Excellent Graphics.

        Great use of the Wii Remote.

        Makes you fell like you really are in a Nightmare.

        Cons: No weapons to defend yourself.

        The re-imaging of the story might turn off players who played the original.

        Should I buy this game?

        If you are a fan of the Silent Hill series you will surely enjoy this game.

        If you aren’t, i suggest you rent it instead.

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