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  • Unfortunately,Lye has managed to escape from jail
  • I thought she should have since she was a really nasty character

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      George of the Jungle is a 1997 Disney film starring Brenden Frasier..It is an animated adaption of the George of the Jungle Cartoon.It is about a baby who was raised in the jungle by apes.He got lost in the African jungle due to a plane crash.25 years later, a woman named Ursula Stanhope comes to explore the jungle where George is. with some African porters and a guide.Also accompanying her is her fiance Lye and two poachers.They are passing themselves of as trackers though.One day while passing through the jungle Ursula and Lyle get separated from the group.They come across a lion.Lye runs to get help but trips and falls unconscious.She is saved by George of the Jungle who ends up taking her to his tree house to see if she’s alright.She recovers and is surprised to meet the jungle man.She also meets his ape friend who has the ability to talk and is very literate.Ursula has a nice time hanging out with George.She meets all of his animal friends and his elephant who he thinks is a dog and names him Shep.George gradually falls in love with Ursula and tries some attempts to get her attention such as doing a crazy dance.Eventually Lyle finds Ursula with the poachers from before.The poacher’s discover the talking ape and

      try to shoot him with a tranquilizer gun.

      George tries to stop this.Lyle thinks George is attacking him and shoots him with a pistol.For this act,Lyle goes to jail.The poachers are also sent to jail.Fortunately,George is not killed and he is flown in an airplane with Ursula to get medical treatment.After he gets better George enjoys exploring the new city he is in.He enjoys various facets of city life such as visiting monuments and watching television.Ursula then falls in love with George for his kind and fun loving personality.She decides not to forget about her fiance Lyle and decides to marry George.When she informs her parents of this,her mother becomes pretty irate.She informs George that Ursula deserves better than somebody raised in the jungle.This makes George very sad.While all this is happening,the poachers have escaped from jail.They then go back and capture the ape that can talk.Luckily,the ape sends a bird to alert George of this.As soon as he hears this George journeys back to Africa.Ursula goes with him for support.George eventually finds the poachers and manages to beat them up and free his ape friend.Unfortunately,Lye has managed to escape from jail.He learned that Ursula has went to Africa.Once he finds her,he kidnaps her and tries to force her into marriage.Before this happens both accidentally fall into a ...

      • water fall.Fortunately,they get onto a raft but are on dangerous rapids.George discovers them and successfully rescues Ursula.Lyle dosen’t get rescued but survives.his raft goes into a cave and a female ape falls in love with him.After these events,George and Ursula get married and eventually have a son.

        George of the Jungle was a nice family film.It was a pretty non serious film made for comedy.Brenden Frasier was great as George of teh Jungle.He had a bright and charming personallity.He is also very strong and brave.Because he was raised in the jungle.For example,in the city,he saves a man from a tower.The film also had a nice had a good message about the importance of true love.The film showed that you shoul’nt marry someone just for thier status.Ursula married George because she loved him.It didn’t matter that he was raised in the jungle and didn’y have great social status..The film also had a lot of fun comedy material.There was this funny running gag in which George would hit a tree while swining from vines in the jungle.This gag was used pretty good.The writers just didn’t use it with trees.If George hit a boat or rock or some other object,the narrator of the film would state it..It was al;so funny how Shep had a pet elephant whom he thought

        was a dog.

        It wasn’t just this that was funny.It was also funny that the elephant actually thought he was a dog.He would play fetch with a giant stick.My favorite scene in the film was when a gorilla fell in love with Lyle at the end of the film.It was hilarious.It was also a gentle way to have something bad happen to a unlikable character like Lyle.It would be kind of harsh to have the character get killed.Especially since its a Disney film..Another favorite scene of mine was when George was doing a silly dance in hopes of getting Ursula to like him.It was so funny because Ursula was simply confused with the dance.She thought it was funny but didn’t really get why George did it.The film was really good overall.however,there is just one thing I didn’t like about it.Ursula’s mom didn’t get any real punishment in the film.I thought she should have since she was a really nasty character.She kept forcing Ursula to marry Lyle for selfish reasons.She knew Lyle was very wealthy and just wanted her family to be part of his wealth.She also threatened George with physical violence if he continued his romantic relationship with Ursula.i generally thought she was more nasty than Lyle.Lyle was generally just a buffoon for the most part.However,Ursula’s mother was very mean spirited.

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