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  • However,that is about to change when he gets hired by a rich gigalo named Antoine
  • The film also had some really funny scenes

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      Deuce Bigalow,Male Gigalo is a 1999 film starring Rob Snieder.Rob stars as a man named Deuce Bigalow.Deuce is a fish tank cleaner with a low income.However,that is about to change when he gets hired by a rich gigalo named Antoine.Antoine’s fish gets sick and Antoine asks Deuce to watch it and his apartment while he goes on business.While Antoine goes away, Deuce enjoys the luxury of Antoine’s apartment.While playing with a piece of exercise equipment,he accidentally breaks Antoine’s prized fish tank.Deuce decides to become a Gigolo in order to pay for the fish tank which is very expensive.He is assisted in getting clients with the help of an African American pimp named C.J. He meets a serious of strange women who pay him to have sex.On of these woman is severely obese.One has tourers syndrome and there is even a girl who who is far taller than an average human.Deuce really dosen’t want to have sex with these women.However,he befriends them and helps them with their emotional insecurities.For example,he

      helps the obese woman exorcise and get healthy.he helps the woman with a sleeping disorder get over her fear of dancing.

      Also,there is a detective who really desires Antione’s black book of clients.He is constantly threatening Deuce with jail.Despite this,Deuce meets a beautiful client named Kate.Kate’s friends hired Deuce to be a prostitute for her.However,they fall in love with each other.Even though Carol,has a fake foot, Deuce still is in love with her.Everything goes fine until Kate finds out that he was a prostitute.He eventually makes up with Kate by pretending to be a patient in the hospital she is in. He reads her a love letter and they get back together.Deuce then goes back to being a gigalo for awhile and ends up being a gigalo for a very beautiful woman.This woman is the wife of the detective that has been following Deuce.He decides to help the detective with his marriage on the condition that he leave him alone.The detective complies only if he gives T.J up since he needs a gigalo to convict.Deuce decides to be convicted in T.J’’s place.However,the woman he made while being a gigolo show up and testify on his behalf.It is discovered that he never slept with any of them.he did sleep with Kate but he didn’t pay was for love.Because of this,Deuce is cleared up of all charges.Deuce then manages to pay for a new fish tank for Antione.However,when Antione gets home,he taps the glass and it breaks.This causes Deuce to confess that he had to be a gigalo in order to pay for a new tank for Antione.Antione is so angry that he tries to kill him with his personal collection of medieval weapons.However,the overweight woman that Deuce met came.She saved his life by going in front of an arrow Antoine shot with crossbow.Fortunately,she was alright because the arrow hit a large chicken that she was hiding under her clothes.Soon after,the gigolo detective arrives and arrests Antione.

      Deuce Bigalo,Male Gigalo was a moderatly entertaining film.It had comedy elements but also had ...

      • Deuce Bigalow Male Gigalo-movie
      a great social message about self acceptance. A lof ht echaracters had self esteem issues and learned to accept themselves.For example,Kate was insecure about her fake leg but Deuce helped her get obver that insecurity recognize her self beauty. .Deuce himself had self security issues.When he was dating Kate he refused to tell her he was really a fish cleaner at first.He was afraid she wouln;t like him anymore becyase he didn’t have a prestigious job and make lots of money.The film also had some really funny scenes.One scene I really liked was when Deuce first met a extremely obese woman he was supposed to have sex with.The obses woman had some idea in her head that she was really sexy.Another funy thing about the woman was that she was actually a man in woman’s makeup and clothing.You can easily tell its a man by his voice.I also liked the woman who had a sleeping disorder.She would often fall asleep at inappropriate times like when she and Deuce
      were bowling.There was also a funny running gag in the film in which Deuce would go to a fish store.

      He would often ask the female employee to go to the bottom of a fish tank to get some sea snails.He only really did this to see her shirt get soaked so he could see her breasts better.The overall film premise was pretty simple.It wasn’t something to really get was essentially a guy being a gigolo to pay for a fish tank he destroyed.However,the large amount of comedy material makes up for the simplicity of the plot. There was one specific thing I didn’t like about the film though.There was a small subplot about Deuce Bigalow asking advice from his father Bob Bigaglow who is a bathroom attendant.The scenes with Bob didn’t really need to exist.he almost had nothing to do with the plot.He was really only shown so crude bathroom jokes could be made.For ecample,when he and Deuce are talking in the bathroom the audience can hear a man taking a bowl movement.

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