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  • The objective of the game is to run the island smoothly, keeping your pirates happy and the captives under control

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      Tropico 2 Pirate Cove is a real-time computer game that makes you the Pirate Captain who has his own island he must control and manage. The island is like a small kingdom, with its own “economy” based on pirate activities. You can build your own ships and send them out to raid the sea; if their missions are successful, they will return to the island with captured goods, money, treasure, weapons, and people.

      The captives are either used as labor force (yeah, kinda cruel, but you’re a *pirate,* remember?) or, if they happen to

      be from a rich family, ransomed. The objective of the game is to run the island smoothly, keeping your pirates happy and the captives under control.

      The first one of these two tasks is what you’ll be busy with most of the time. Pirates are a challenging kind of citizens to rule over; if they are displeased, they will protest, disobey, and create trouble.

      They might rebel and overthrow you, too. Fortunately, you’ve got many options and ways to keep them in line.

      Have enough entertainment for them, build some drinking holes and gambling dens. Make sure you always have enough grog and rum.

      You can reward friends with some goodies or privileges, and get rid of opposition by sending them away on a dangerous mission. Instilling some fear can be helpful as well, so you can build a gallows or two.

      You will have tools to determine who is friendly to you and who is a potential threat, as well as to see the overall mood of the pirates and captives. There are “happiness bars” that will show you how pleased or displeased the pirates are.

      You ...

      • Tropico 2 Pirate Cove
      can also listen to their conversations and see what they are talking about behind your back and whether there is any plotting going on. You can even listen to their thoughts! Yes, clicking on the specific person will show you what they are thinking - a very handy tool many rulers would love to have, I am sure.

      As a ruler of your own little kingdom, although illegal, you get to interact with other countries (England, France, Spain), so you will also try your hand at pirate diplomacy. You don’t want to capture a

      high official and start a war with someone much stronger than yourself.

      The game comes with a nice tutorial that will help you to get started. As with most computer games of this type, there are two options for playing: you can be accomplishing pre-set tasks or you can play “sand box”, which means simply running the island and doing anything you want.

      If you are not sure what to do, there are advisors available, you can click on those and get help. The PC requirements for this game are PII-200, 64MB RAM, and 4MB video (recommended PIII-500, 128MB RAM, 32MB video).

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