Berocca Effervescent Vitamin/Mineral Tablets
  • You want these vitamins and minerals you buy to definitely get right into your blood stream and not end up in the toilet

    • by Shaun Humphreys

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      Berocca belongs to a new drive in marketing supplements like Red Bull- I quote Berocca’s website-”A little kick when you need it”.

      A pack of Berocca gives you 20 effervescent tablets which dissolve in water to make a tropical flavour fizzy drink, perfect to wake up in the morning. It contains all your essential vitamins and minerals, the vitamins in doses well above RDA, and the minerals like zinc and magnesium at levels 90 percent and under.

      I now observe a curious morning ritual of a pint glass of orange Berocca drink, a mug of tea and cereal. Don’t be alarmed, it does turn your pee luminescent yellow or orange, largely due to the excess B

      vitamins you will excrete away.

      The product is expensive 3-4 pound, but well marketed as an attractive drink. The effervescent tablets in drink form make for better absorption of the vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream and you feel the effects of the drink pretty much right away.The high vitamin C content 700+ percent of RDA makes you feel awake, and the high B vitamins are great for energy release.

      This drink should be an essential breakfast ritual-I couldn’t do without it now, just like a tea or coffee in the morning. Except Berocca is much healthier. It has barely any sugar or sweeteners, no lactose, no animal ingredients, (for vegetarians)virtually no salt and virtually no ...

      • artificial ingredients.

        So its the perfect morning health wake up alternative to Red Bull that won’t give you kidney failure. Only problem is it’s been imitated.

        Supermarkets are now sourcing their own effervescent tablets. They look the same, they taste the same, their marketed the same and they are half the price at two pound. Quite worrying for Berocca.

        So why buy Berocca? Berocca is the original, and you can’t be too sure of the quality of these replica effervescent tablets. You want these vitamins and minerals you buy to definitely get right into your blood stream and not end up in the toilet.

        Supplements have been in the news lately sparking controversy. Some question

        if they work at all, however Vitamin C , B vitamins and vitamin D are supplements which have proved themselves as worthwhile since the dawn of supplements.

        Others are more uncertain-like vitamin A which is thought to be toxic in high doses. Berocca majors in B vitamins and vitamin C so its safe to take and definitely beneficial. The one tablet a day dose gives you more than enough for energy and recovery demands.

        An excellent product, which will need to knock a pound off it’s price to compete with the imitators. Effervescent tablets are certainly better than plain tablets for your supplement needs, just as protein/Creatine shakes are to tablets-better value for money and a squash replacement.

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