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  • The thing I love most about the Archos 10.1 is the price
  • I'm not saying that the iPad keyboard isn't a keybaord, but just that it isn't very convenient to use that keyboard
  • I think that the flash support is excellent, quality is good, and that's the best part about the web browsing
  • The 1 GHz is necessary for the best performance

    • by MisterTickle


      The iPad is great! However, after using it for quite a while, it isn’t so great anymore. I am currently spending hundreds of dollars for the past half year paying the iPad 3G internet bill. I do not have the one with the wi-fi and now I really wish I did. I got the iPad for roughly six hundred and fifty dollars.

      I got the Archos 10.1 for only two hundred ninety nine dollars ($299) for the 8GB model. The iPad I have is also an 8GB model. I am very pleased with myself for getting the Archos. The Archos is also ultra thin at roughly half an inch. The thing I love most about the Archos 10.1 is the price. Nine to ten inch tablets are rarely seen for $300, especially good ones like the Archos.

      Here is a bit of a background/ details on the Archos. For one, the Archos 10.1 is a 10.1 inch screen size internet tablet. It runs on Android, half an inch thick, and it comes with a web camera. The Archos 10.1 can also go on the internet with the built in internal wireless N adapter. It has a network card so I can access the internet whenever a network is detected. This would be

      my home network.

      To start off with, the Archos has some very important things the iPad does not. For one, the Archos on screen keyboard is an actual keyboard. I’m not saying that the iPad keyboard isn’t a keybaord, but just that it isn’t very convenient to use that keyboard. The iPad keyboard requires me to type what I want to type in to the web browser’s address bar with one finger. For the Archos, I can get the Archos to tilt as it has a back stand, and type with all the fingers on my two hands. However, there isn’t the small bumps on the ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys. I have to look at the keyboard to see if I’m typing the right thing or not.

      The Archos 10.1 IT (internet tablet) can have dual-OS. This means that the Archos has the ability to run to different operating systems. The default/ built-in operating system is Android. The other operating system can be added according to the choice of the user. I did not install another operating system as I am afraid that it will take too much space. Android works well for me so I am using Android.

      I am mostly using the Archos 10.1 internet tablet for two things. These ...

      • two things are web surfing and watching videos. Occasionally, I would browse some Microsoft Word documents or play some games.

        The internet experience is decent. There isn’t the pinch zooming seen on the iPad. This is the major drawback to having the Archos 10.1 internet tablet. Zooming in and out requires the use of the two on screen buttons. These buttons have the plus and minus signs on them. However, the Archos 10.1 does have flash support. Online video streaming and flash websites can now be displayed on the Archos 10.1. I think that the flash support is excellent, quality is good, and that’s the best part about the web browsing.

        Finally! I can watch videos in high definition. The Archos features the 1080 pixel resolution. Now this is truly high definition. The picture quality has never been better. I have to admit that there are pixel issues once in a while, but not often.

        The applications marketplace isn’t that big. Archos has its very own Android marketplace called the AppsLib. However, there are not many applications to choose from. I ended up downloading Google’s application marketplace. Since the Archos has a built in accelerometer, I can play games by turning, tapping, and tilting the Archos. There isn’t any lag time or

        freeze up. This is mostly because that the Archos has a processor of 1 GHz. This is another great thing about the Archos. The Archos has a 1 GHz processor. Many other hand held tablets do not. The 1 GHz is necessary for the best performance. With the 1 GHz, multitasking is very easy. I can open five applications at once without any lag. After five applications, I will start get some lag and freeze ups.

        Watching movies on the Archos is great. I can sit in my bed and watch my favorite movie. I do not have to watch it the old fashion way, on a television or in front of a computer. However, the Archos comes with HDMI ports so I can easily watch movies stored on my Archos on my television. I simply plug one end of the HDMI cable into my Archos and the other end to the television. It’s easy as 1, 2, and 3…oh wait! there is no 3!

        The battery life is decent at roughly four hours. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the Archos. The Archos missed a few key features, but it also has a few key features other devices do not. However, the price is just amazing. I got the Archos under 300 bucks!

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