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  • While the film was a powerful commentary on drugs and racial dating,I think there were a few things that could have been left out
  • I thought this plot element could have been shortened

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      Jungle Fever is a 1991 drama movie starring Wesley Snipes.It is essentially a film about interracial relationships.The interracial relationship explored is a black architect named Flipper having a relationship with an Italian woman Angela.he commits adultery from his wife with Angie.The movie also goes into some detail with Flipper’s family such as his brother Gator who is addicted to crack.The film also has a small subplot about a young Italian man named Paulie dating a black woman.

      This film was an intelligent commentary on racial and political problems can come from interracial dating.The film has an intelligent way of showing how interacial dating is viewed by many people.Flipper and Angela have a hard time dating because of percpeiton of people around them.Angela’s father is so against thier dating that eh beats Angela severly when she comes home.He is so angry that he kicks her out of her home.Angela’s female friends are

      also against the idea of she and Flipper dating.One of them even said it was disgusting that she would date a black man.Flipper’s friends and family don’t think that he and Angie dating is right either.Flipper’s wife is furious about it.She is upset that Flipper cheated on her.However,in the film,she seemed more upset and obsessed over the fact that Flipper would have a relationship with a white woman..Flipper’s father,a religious man,has a similar view of the relationship between Flipper and Angela.

      While Angela and Flipper are having dinner at their house,he has a long rant about how white slave owners diluted the skin tone of blacks by having sexual relationships with black slaves..He also accuses Angela of seducing Flipper from his wife.A really great thing about this film is that it dosen’t just go into interracial relationships.There is also a plot in the film about Flipper’s drug addicted brother Gator.Gator is ...

      • a slave to drugs.he is so addicted that he constantly goes to his parents aksing for huge sums of money daily in order to purchase more drugs.He even begs Flipper for money on a daily basis.This was a nice commentary on the dangers of drug use and how drugs can lead people to have mean spiritied behavior.A powerful scene involving Gator was when he lied to his mother in order to get a large sum moeny for drugs.He told her the money was for a job application.

        This scene was so powerful because Flipper’s desperation for drugs led him to come up with a victious lie to take money from his mother.He wasn’t going to use the money to help himself.He was going to use it to feed his drug habit.I also loved the Ossie Davis who played the father of Flipper.He played a very religious man who hated his

        son Gator for taking advantage of him and his wife.One day,he ends p killing Gator since he is so disgusted with the kind of man Gator became.This was a critical point in the film for me.Flipper’s father was a religious man who believed in God.While the film was a powerful commentary on drugs and racial dating,I think there were a few things that could have been left out.Fro one thing,there was some concentration on the married life of Flipper and his wife.I thought this plot element could have been shortened.it really didn’t do much for the plot.Also,there was the subplot about Paulie.He was an Italian man dating a black woman.The plot about Paulie could also have been shortened or cut.Flipper and Angela were only needed to show the problems between interracial dating.Having another interracial couple was a nice touch.However,it really didn’t do much for the plot and could have been avoided more.

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