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  • Its a tricky business to learn and there are alot of pitfalls and cons to avoid-so many that it puts off some potential writers from even trying in the first place
  • My experience is measured, not so much of a gold rush than a tricky minefield
  • I recommend it for anyone as a start for making money online for the first times

    • by Shaun Humphreys

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      Since September 2010 3/4 of my income is made from freelance writing online. Its a tricky business to learn and there are alot of pitfalls and cons to avoid-so many that it puts off some potential writers from even trying in the first place. Since the boom of the 90s people have made money self employed online.

      Its abit of a craze now, some calling it the new gold rush. My experience is measured, not so much of a gold rush than a tricky minefield. Suite101, an online magazine is one of the websites I contribute to in various categories. Once accepted as a contributor you earn revenue based on ad clicks on your article-so page views alone don’t earn you money.

      Suite101 has an average income per article of of 50 cents a month,and $2-3 per thousand page views-so you’re talking about alot of articles before you’re hitting a decent income per month. The first step to aim for is 50 articles making an average $50-100 a month and 300 articles making 300-600 a month.

      I must stress that your first 50 articles may not make this amount as articles need time online to get established and you may or may not be good at SEO (search engine optimisation) yet.

      To be accepted you need to provide a written sample, if you have written something else online or in print that will further your chances of sellection. Suite101s editors are former or current editors and journalists so you are in reasonably safe hands here. The site is legitimate but it has its self confessed flaws, namely its revenue method which always favours the company over the writer.

      Currently ten writers earn over a thousand

      dollars a month from the site, a very good income considering most use it as a secondary or even tertiary form of income. You pick your own subjects write a minimum of 400 words and submit to the relevant category. You can monitor your page views and revenue on a daily basis.

      Here’s the truth about this site and similar-there’s no gold rush. The writers who earn over a thousand dollars a month have to work their buts off writing an enormout number of articles a day, a week, a month to increase their views and so potential ad clicks.

      You also have to do your homework. Since writing here, I have learnt SEO (search engine optomisation) less complicated than it sound) and how to use google’s key word tool and adsense tool.

      In each article you need to spend about 20 minutes researching popularly searched keywords and ones that aren’t too competitive, as well as making seeing if your article subject has available advertisers relevant to the article subject-otherwise viewers aren’t likely to look at the adverts.

      Popular keywords need to be strategically placed in the title, subheadings, text body and conclusion to maximise SEO. Its a pain until you get the hang of it.

      I’ve written 14 articles so far for Suite101 and I am building my presense there slowly. Im confident it will bring greater rewards but generally they come once you hit 50 articles where your revenue share is increased and a major point is 300 articles. The more articles, the more success.

      So its hard work, and time consuming and forms just one of my online revenues of income.You have to spend alot of time sharing your articles on sites such as Reditt ...

      • and social networks like Twitter and Facebook until you are established and get good at SEO.

        Some articles may require some research/references before they are accepted by the editor, while other categories you can just write from the top of your head and it will go straight in. Strive for the topics and categories with next to none research needed-its your time after all. You’ll see how it works.

        I can’t complain. Just like Reviewstream you are earning money sitting in the comfort of your own home in your own time. You can hardly even call it work. Its the ideal life.

        Suite101 in likelyhood can never be your sole source of income if you’re looking to turn full time freelance writer online. It definitely can be a secondary source.

        Demand Media another online webcontent magazine is more reliable as it pays up front $7 or $15 per article straight into your pay pall account. Suite101 pays you only after you hit $50 dollars or more. You’ll find hitting your first $50 dollars takes time, but after that and with plenty of article presense the ball will roll quicker.

        Suite101 is an investment of time, and it takes time to reap the rewards but they are worth it. You are accruing revenue all the time, month after month, year after year, so pick timeless seasonal articles that people will visit every year, rather than specific to 2010 say. For example at the moment I’m writing about the oscars with one keyword being “best actor nominations.”

        Be a patient person and try this out alongside quicker result sites with instant pay. You’ll be happy you did it after a year with 300 plus articles showcased and making money.

        The suite101

        editors have been quiet recently, but after the new year I find they are active again, giving advice,flagging articles for mistakes and rewrites which you want to see on a site that stresses quality. It forces you to improve your articles and maximise their viewing and earning.

        At the end of the day it is about making money, we need to eat and have fun, but you want the working experience is to be ideally fun as well and suite101 is enjoyable. They’ve made some improvements since the new year. The site had many problems for the last couple of months completlely malfunctioning with writers saying they would leave.

        All the memory was backed up and restored eventually. Suite101 are tackling revenue and making it more valuable with more incentives, like the 300 articles plus 20 percent share increase and more editor help with getting your SEO and keywords better not just grammar correcting.

        I don’t like the design of the site. As an online magazine it could start making itself look more professional, scrap the turquoise layout and go for a normal mag style. The suite101 community of writers is very active on forums so you can always chat and see whats going on, get pointers, advice, learn from each other.

        A long term investment with mixed results. Suite101 is a bit of an enigma which needs to be cracked, but an improving site which regularly features on usual lists of top websites for web content writers.

        I recommend it for anyone as a start for making money online for the first times. Use suite101 as a web, linking articles together, link in social networking and other freelance sites and you are building your online presence.

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