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  • You effectively need to provide a source for most statements in your article, which is a pain if you are drawing on professional or personal experience
  • You need to be sharp when writing, so I recommend doing one article, then taking a break before the next if you are planning on doing 4-5 in a day say
  • Overall however, I'm impressed and recommend Demand Studios for new and seasoned users of like sites

    • by Shaun Humphreys

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      Demand studios is an online media company which recruits freelance web content writers to produce articles for Ehow, Answerbank and Unlike many revenue based income earning websites, Demand Studios pays upfront providing you are either a US or UK citizen with a Pay-Pal account.

      Other pay upfront websites have more exclusive conditions: for US citizens only, promotion from revenue income to pay up front, status based on a community rating system.

      If you can write and have credentials, up front payment is the natural reward. Websites like Helium which provide a marketplace with up front payment writing assignments place multiple hurdles in the way of an accomplished writer making money.

      Demand Studios does the sensible thing, it recruits content providers with journalistic credentials and asks for online links to work and a sample of writing. Criteria like this shows you the site is genuine and high quality.

      You can still be accepted without journalistic credentials, perhaps you have a degree you can state and a sample piece especially written for the application.

      Be prepared with this website to want to hack the editors heads off with a butter knife: the acceptability criteria for articles is extremely strict. You need to read a lot of guidelines for each article type before beginning. DS has a large writer resource area with writing tips and editorial guidelines.

      The criteria for how to cite sources is also strict, while their blacklisted sources continues grow -not only Wikipedia. You need to cite well regarded scholarly or specialist online resources. Articles are written to a word count and a specific instructional

      format and tone.

      You have a workdesk in which you can claim articles from a long list of available jobs. You claim the titles and they appear in your workdesk. To begin with you are allowed only 3 initial assignments which you must successfully complete and have accepted.

      If you fail one assignment after a rewrite request, effectively your account is terminated. Its pretty harsh, but I guess they don’t have the time to coach writers for so long, and the guidelines are very extensive, so just do all the reading first. I jumped right in and had two rejections.

      My account was terminated, but lucky for me I appealed as the titles were impossible to complete. Some unacceptable titles enter the assignments list from time to time.

      You want to aim at first for an article every 2 hours, making sure its perfect before submitting. Then try to get productive and whittle them out every hour to really make Demand Studios profitable.

      At the moment, as a lot of writers have complained, the titles are awful. I’m talking about titles like “supplies needed to recharge a Panasonic UG-5540 cartridge” and other far more extreme technical articles about washing machine gears and cars. You’ll need to really scout the hundreds of entries carefully to find an article you can write and even then it will probably need a lot of research.

      You effectively need to provide a source for most statements in your article, which is a pain if you are drawing on professional or personal experience. Searching online for these sources can be very time consuming.

      I find ...

      • Demand Studios a very professional site. I have had my articles published in ehow and answerbank. I easily make at least 200 dollars a week.

        The highest paid articles at first entry into Demand Studios is $15, about 9.50 sterling which is a reasonable rate of pay bearing in mind its possible to whittle off these articles in 1 hour when you get proficient with the in-house style and online research methods.

        You’ll find web content writing turns you into a very proficient web researcher and user. When friends and family ask me to find anything online, I can do so in a flash thanks to the time spent researching these articles.

        You need to be sharp when writing, so I recommend doing one article, then taking a break before the next if you are planning on doing 4-5 in a day say. If you want to earn a good amount you can aim at 4 $15 ehow articles making you 60 dollars. 6-7 a day is not unrealistic, and some writers are on 10-11.

        Its a little short of an average day of work in the outside world, but you’ll probably be doing this at first alongside a regular job at the weekend, or maybe stay up one night to earn the additional income.

        You’ll want to include Demand Studios with a number of other web content sites-upfront pay and revenue based to build up an online income base which can after a few years potentially replace a regular job if you work hard at it. Demand Studios is no easy breeze. Expect to be glued to

        that computer screen, and stressed out when articles are sent back for rewrite.

        To be fair, the editors give thorough instructions on correcting rewrites, in cluding highlighting grammar and spelling mistakes and crossing through unacceptable sources. All the sources you use are thoroughly checked and the article is also fact checked so there are no shortcuts with Demand Studios as the media company provides content for the Ehow site and needs to be accurate.

        Demand Studios is one of the few legitimate money makers online which doesn’t put you through hurdles before you make money. Income here is instantaneous and its a rewarding experience. The website is professionally laid out and very accessible for first time users-an impressive design template.

        There’s just the snag about the bad titles and too many exclusive technical subjects mainly in the IT category, but thats the subject thats being requested by Ehow so I can’t complain against Demand Studios too much.

        This week I’ve finally found some health and fitness titles like “How to lose weight with exercise”-a jackpot to write. They do need to sift through their titles more thoroughly to check for bad eggs as the account termination experience proved, also it took DS a long time to answer my appeal and reinstate the account.

        Overall however, I’m impressed and recommend Demand Studios for new and seasoned users of like sites. Its legitimate and the only pay up front site that accepts non US writers. I’m yet to find a UK equivalent media group.For now as a student it is my biggest income pot, saving me from a horrible bar job.

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