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  • As you see from the product name, we've got a flea problem
  • The shampoo comes in a flip-top bottle, which I've found to be a disadvantage
  • I think I only managed it for 2 minutes or so

    • by Lorianna
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      Having just completed the challenging task of washing my two cats, and changed into dry clothes, here I am to review the shampoo, Sergeant’s Skip-Flea and Tick Shampoo for Cats. As you see from the product name, we’ve got a flea problem. Usually, we treat our cats with flea drops, but our local store was out of those, so my husband spent $6 for an 18 oz bottle of this shampoo to try.

      The procedure is the following. You wet the cat, apply the shampoo, rub it into the coat, and then wash it off - thoroughly: the product is harmful if swallowed, and cats *will* lick themselves after

      a bath, so you want to make sure you have washed it off completely.

      The shampoo comes in a flip-top bottle, which I’ve found to be a disadvantage: when you’re holding a wet cat desperately trying to get away, it is kind of hard to open that flip-top and pour out some shampoo - you’ll need another pair of hands for that. A pump top would have worked much better.

      The shampoo itself is pink, without any chemical smell to it - on the contrary, the scent is quite pleasant. It lathers easily.

      According to the directions, for best results the cat should be left in the lathered state ...

      • for 4 or 5 minutes before you rinse the shampoo off. Easier said than done: the cat wants out, and it wants out *now*, so you will need to work hard to make it sit in the tub for those extra 5 minutes.

        I think I only managed it for 2 minutes or so. When you have washed the shampoo off, dry the cat with a towel and give them time to recover from the shock.

        According to the bottle, Sergeant’s Skip-Flea contains coconut conditioners that will “aid in building body, luster, and groomability to the coat of your pet. ” I don’t know about body and luster, but both

        of my kitties feel very soft after this bath, and have this pleasant clean scent.

        They both look very happy now when they are almost dry, sitting on the bed and purring their heads off. I had combed them, trying to help them dry faster, and they were shedding fleas, dead and half-dead, so the shampoo is working well.

        The active ingredients are Piperonyl Butoxide (Technical) and Pyrethrins. The shampoo is for cats only.

        It is not to be used on animals under 12 weeks of age. A vet should be consulted before using this product on aged, debilitated, pregnant, nursing, and medicated cats.

        The shampoo should not be reapplied for two weeks.

    kristi says :

    how long after you wash your kittens in the skip flea shampoo does it continue to kill fleas? i just washed mine and alot of fleas died and fell off but some are still alive and on my kittens.
    John says :

    It works up to 30 days afterwards.
    shannon says :

    In my experience in volunteering at an animal shelter, using a flea shampoo isn’t an effective way to totally rid your cat or kitten of fleas. Use a flea comb since you have already washed the kitten to try and rid her of the rest of the fleas. Make sure you drown the fleas that you get off her. Also, dawn dish soap is just as effective if not more effective than a medicated wash in killing fleas.
    Bianca West says :

    I use this product at home on my animals. I find that after I use the product, if I use a lice comb and comb out the animal’s fur fairly well, then I don’t see another flee for about 20-25 days. Only once did I have to give another bath to my animals within a week. I think that was a bad bottle though.
    Jennifer Davis says :

    Hi Kristi, I use this product and it works both immediately and over time. I wash my kittens every two weeks as well as introduced a sergents flea collar. It took about a month, but my kittens now have no fleas at all. I suggest using a flea collar and the shampoo every two weeks. Hope this helps. Pet your kittens for me
    grace says :

    Is the Skp-Flea and tick Shampoo a detergent-based or non detergent-based shampoo? thank you.
    John says :

    This is a low-detergent shampoo.
    Galega says :

    It is a detergent based shampoo. Though the manufacturer claims that it contains very low amount of detergent, but that doesn’t matter if your pet is allergic to detergent.
    Melanie Faber says :

    I did not read the bottle thoroughly enough upon purchase…What should I do if this shampoo was used on a kitten under 12 weeks of age? How can it hurt the kittens?
    John says :

    If you recently used it, you should use dawn dish soap to wash it off. The shampoo could damage it’s skin because it’s not fully developed.
    Galega says :

    If it will hurt, the reaction would be instant - within half an hour. You can see rashes on the skin of kitten. That will also go away within few minutes, or you may need to give your kitten an anti histamine medicine. It can be disastrous if you have used it regularly for prolong duration. One or two times use may not make as such any problem.
    Loretta says :

    I just wanted to let everyone know that they should not use this product. I used it on my cat and he was licking himself dry, even though we towel dried him. He started to act a little lethargic, I thought maybe he was catching a cold, because he was shivering. I warmed him up wrapped him in a blanket. He seemed okay and seemed to go to sleep. The next morning he was still sleeping and when he was awake he didn`t seem quite like himself. I wish we had taken him to the vet immediately, but unfortunately, it wouldn`t have made a difference. It wasn`t really eating or drinking. The day before, he seemed a little constipated, but we thought that maybe that occassionally happened to cats too. When he tried to walk around today, he seemed a little shaky. We thought we`d keep an eye on him and take him to the vet if he seemed to get worse. Within a couple of hours, he couldn`t walk was laying down flat on his stomach and died quickly. He was the sweetest, most curious and loveable cat we had. PLEASE DON`T EVER USE THESE PRODUCTS ON YOUR CAT THEY ARE TOXIC TO CATS IF YOUR CAT LICKS IT FUR, HE MAY DIE I`m sick to my stomach that while trying to relieve my cat of a few fleas, we ended up killing him. Please don`t make this same mistake with your pet. Try some of the natural alternatives there are out there. I wish that I had.
    Laura says :

    I used Sargeants last night on my cat. I had never used flea and tick on her until she started going outside this summer and I spotted some fleas yesterday. THIS STUFF IS POISON. I am on the way to the 2nd vet of the day because the 1st vet said to wait and see if she perks up which I shouldn’t have listened to. My cat hasn’t eaten, gone to the bathroom, and has been lethargic all day. All I’m doing now is praying it’s not too late for her after reading the reviews on this product and how many animals have died from it. The guilt I’m feeling right now is overwhelming knowing that my cat might die because I tried to get some fleas off her and used a TOXIC PRODUCT THAT SHOULD BE TAKEN OFF THE MARKET.
    Aubergine says :

    Permethrin is an activ ingredient in Sergeant`s product. It`s a powerful neurotoxin that is killing tonnes of animal. The skin of the animal absorbes this toxin and get sevear brain damage. My cat right is really suffering from this damages right now as i`m writing… Please never use this poison on your animal.
    LaurenJ says :

    I have used it before and noticed no side effects - other than it doesn’t work It does different things to different animals.
    Galega says :

    This is a duly approved product. There is no denying that cats are more sensitive to permethrin than other animals. But, vet still prescribes it for variety of skin problem for cats. You can talk to any vet. It is the dosage or amount that may create problems. As for this shampoo, there is no problem. Just ensure that your cat is not allergic to it.
    elena says :

    I would like to know if a cat shakes his head during the bath and a few drops of shampoo land on your skin, is it toxic and dangerous?
    LaurenJ says :

    No. Just wash your skin with regular soap. Make sure not to get it in your eyes, nose, or mouth. Unless you are allergic to the ingredients, it shouldn’t bother you much.
    Galega says :

    It is NOT poisonous. Few drops are always going to touch the skin of the person who is using it on cat. You don’t need to worry. Needless to say, wash your hand properly after you are done with shampooing your cat.
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