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  • Also,I found the characters to be very interesting
  • I found exciting that the main character Tiana was an African American character

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      The Princess and the Frog is a 2009 Disney animated movie.It is about a young waitress Tiana who lives in New Orleans in the 1920s. dreams of owning her own restaurant.She is willing to work really hard for this goal by working 2 jobs as a waitress.She plans to turn an old mill into a restaurant.However,she needs enough money to make a down payment on the old property.One day,she manages to get enough money when her friend Charlotte hosts a party.She pays Tiana to make a large feast for the party.The party is in the honor of a prince named Naveen who is coming to New Orleans.However,it turns out Prince Naveen is a poor man,He was cut off from his rich parents because of a lazy and wasteful lifestyle.He is accompanied by his valet Lawrence.Naveen is hoping to have some fun in new Orleans.He is also hoping to marry a rich girl in order to inherit a fortune..Soon he runs into an evil rich doctor,Dr. Facilier.Dr. Facilier promises he will give Naveen an his valet fortune with his powers.He actually tricks them.He turns Naveen into a frog and turns Lawrence into a Naveen impersonator.he does this because he hopes Lawrence will marry a rich

      girl in his Naveen form.Lawrence would split his fortune from the marriage with Dr. Facilier.Things don’t go well with Tiana either.She meets bidders for the mill at Charlotte’s in order to make a down payment.However,they say that she has been outbid and has to come up with a larger amount of money.Meanwhile Naveen is now a frog and kept in a jar from escaping.D.r Facilier dosen’t want him to escape because he needs his blood in order to keep Lawrence in the form of Naveen.Naveen ends up escaping and runs into Tiana.

      He reveals that he is really a prince.he is convinced kissing Tiana would turn him back into a prince again like in the frog prince fairytale.Howver,when Tiana kissses him,she becomes a frog herself.Meanwhile Dr. Facilier decides he needs the frog form of the prince in order to keep getting Naveen’s blood.Lawrence is wearing a magic necklace filled with blood of Naveen.If the blood runs out,he would turn back into regular Lawrence.D.r Facilier decides to get help from voodoo spirits to find the frog Naveen.Fearing for their lives as frogs Naveen and Tiana escape to a far away bayou.

      They end up meeting a large alligator named Louis. Louis wants to be a famous jazz musician despite being an alligator.Tiana and Naveen learn from Louis that there is a voodoo woman named Madam Odie.They go look for her,hoping she can turn them back human.They eventually meet up with her..She tells them that Naveen must kiss a princess.They know that Charlotte’s father is king of the Marti Gras parade so that made Charlotte a princess.They leave to go find Charlotte who is about to marry the Prince Naveen imposter.Naveen ends up being captured by Dr. Facilier.However,he manages to steal the necklace from the fake Naveen.Tiana ends up getting the charm and eventually runs into Dr. Facilier .He promises to turn her human and give her the restaurant that she want so badly in exchange for the necklace.Tiana almost gives in but refuses to betray Naveen.She crushes the charm.This ends up angering the voodoo spirits who helped Facilier get Naveen back.They then drag him away to the spiritual world.In the meantime,Louis ends up rescuing Naveen.Naveen then goes to propose to Charlotte,explaining why he is a frog.He kisses her but nothing happens like he expected. He decides to marry Tiana because he formed a relationship with her while they were frogs.They marry in the bayou where they went earlier.When they,kiss,they turn back human ...

      • The Princess and the Frog-film
      again to their surprise.Afterward,Naveen and Tiana buy Tiana’s restaurant together.

      I really loved the princess and the frog.One of the things I liked about it is that it had a nice twist of the frog prince fairytale.In this movie,both a girl and a boy get turned into frogs unlike the fairy tale in which a prince gets turned into a frog. Another great thing about the film was that it took place in 1920s new Orleans.Most past Disney films took place far longer in the past such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Beauty and the Beast..A great thing abou tthe movie was that the main couple Tiana and Naveen had very different personalities but eventually took a liking to each other and fell in love.Naveen was a party animal who hated work.Tiana was a hard worker that had no time for fun.Also,I found the characters to be very interesting.I found exciting that the main character Tiana was an African American character.It was nice to see a minority being the main character.This has happened a handful of times in Disney films such as Pocahontas.The character is also very likable.She is a strong woman who is willing to work hard for her goals.She works two jobs

      as a waitress in order to meet her goal of being an owner of her own restaurant.

      I also liked the character Charlotte who was Tiana.Even though,she was sort of spoiled because of living a rich lifestyle,she was always friendly towards Tiana.During one point in the movie,she helped Tiana finance the money she needed to make a down payment on her restaurant.Another character I liked was Dr. Facilier.He was a dark,ominous character with an interesting design.He was thin and had a strange purple outfit with a large top hat.His movements were really animated and energetic.i also liked the alligator Louis.He was a nice addition to the film.He was a jolly alligator who loved to play jazz on the trumpet..Like Dr. Facilier was also animated well.What I didn’t like about the film was that we didn’t get to know Naveen that well.We know he came from a rich family and he didn’t like work.However,we saw little of his life and his kingdom and the personality of his parents.Also,I found Dr. Facilier was a bit underused.He was only mostly seen in the first parts of the film.We then don’t see him for a huge chunk of film time.Perhaps the plot could have involved him a bit more.However,the movie overall was still really good.

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